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Sending your student off to a university is an exciting time, but for some, it can also be a time of apprehension and uncertainty. Either way, you just want the best for your student; so do we.
Our mission is: In partnership with our residents, the Department of Residence Life enhances the Loyola Experience by providing safe and supportive living communities where students can engage with others, explore their personal identity, and develop a deeper understanding of their impact on the world. 
In addition to providing safe and supportive communities where students can engage, discover, and explore, there are many benefits to living on campus. Both national studies and internal research tell us that students who live on campus are more successful academically than those who live off campus.
Students who live on campus are also more involved in campus activities and are more satisfied with their overall university experience. Students live within walking distance to most of their classes (or are just a short intercampus shuttle ride away) and have ready access to nutritiously prepared meals, which can be enjoyed in the dining halls or on the go.
Simply put, the convenience of living on campus cannot be matched. 
At Loyola University Chicago, faculty and staff members put great value on each student’s holistic development as a student, an individual, and a leader. In our residence halls students, staff, and faculty from across the country and around the world work together to foster learning and development. Students are empowered to become leaders for a more just, humane, and sustainable world. Within this collaborative environment, your student has opportunities to meet people, make friends, and create meaningful change on campus and beyond.

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