Loyola University Chicago

Residence Life

Roommate Agreements

Near the beginning of each year, at an agreed upon time during the year, or whenever a new roommate moves into the room, all residents of each room will complete a roommate agreement with the assistance of their Resident Assistant. Roommate agreements can help roommates identify potential problems before they arise. Also, if a conflict does arise, roommates can go back to the guidelines they set in their roommate agreement to help resolve their conflict. It would be helpful if you would begin to think about how you will respond to the following questions:

Care for Others

  1. When will study times in your room be?
  2. During study times, is phone use ok? Is the television on or off? The stereo? The computer?
  3. When will sleep times in your room be?
  4. During sleep times, are the lights on or off? The television? The stereo? The computer? Is phone use okay?
  5. Where will messages for each other will be posted?
  6. What steps will you take to respect each other's privacy?

Respect for Authority

  1. Are guests are allowed in the room during study times? During sleep times? During dress/bathing times? Overnight?
  2. Are there other times that guests are not allowed?
  3. If you want guests to leave, how will you let each other know?
  4. Are guests of the opposite gender allowed overnight?
  5. How much notice should you give each other when you would like someone to stay overnight?

Responsible Use of Property

  1. What does cleaning include? Dusting? Vacuuming? The dishes? Taking out trash? Cleaning the bathroom? The kitchen? Anything else?
  2. Will you clean your half of the room? Create a cleaning schedule?
  3. In accordance with university policies, will smoking be allowed in your room? Will drinking be allowed in your room?
  4. Will the doors be locked and closed when you are home?
  5. What steps will you take to eliminate locking each other out?

Personal Integrity

  1. Is it okay for roommates or guests to use your things (like the television, stereo, clothes, food, etc)?
  2. Will the room have cable? If so, how will the bills be paid?
  3. How will you handle damage occurring to others' belongings? How quickly should this response take place?
  4. How will you approach each other if you have a concern, including but not limited to violations of this agreement? How quickly should this response take place?
  5. Do you have additional concerns not covered by the above questions?