Loyola University Chicago

Residence Life

Bunking & Lofting

During a typical school year, student are able to request bunking/lofting in rooms prior to their arrival to campus.  Due to campus being closed for much of the summer, staff is prioritizing ensuring furniture is working properly and will not be able to take requests for bunking or lofting.  
Residence Life will guarantee that at least one bed in a room will be lowered.  The room layout is dependent on how the room layout was when students moved out in March. For example, if the students from last year had their room set up with a high loft and a junior loft that arrangement will stay.  If the students left their room with both of their lofts with a high loft, we would have lowered one of the lofted bed.
Shortly after the school year starts, the Bunk/Loft form will reopen to have students either request a bunk or loft or request to have their bunk/loft removed. 
You always have the option of modifying your bed arrangements on your own (and do so at your own risk). If you need help modifying your bed after initial bed setups are complete, you will be able to request this through an on-line form opening up during the first week of classes.
PLEASE NOTE: Beds are a part of the university furniture included in your residence hall room. In accordance with Residence Life policies and procedures no furnishings, including university beds may be permanently altered or removed from your room. Additionally, in the interest of safety, beds may not be stacked on top of other furniture, cinder blocks, or the like, and non-university lofts are prohibited.
Not all beds are compatible with bunking/lofting equipment.