Loyola University Chicago

Residence Life

Bunking & Lofting

There are four main ways that beds on campus can be configured. Available configurations are listed below. In most cases, unless a Bunking/Lofting Request has been approved, beds will be set at the standard height prior to your arrival.
All beds and mattresses are size twin XL.
Guard Rail or Ladder
12" high beds stacked 36" high 64" high may add to loft/bunk 
all halls (space permitting) Bellarmine Hall

Campion Hall
de Nobili Hall
Georgetown Hall
Marquette South Hall
Mertz Hall
Messina Hall
San Francisco Hall
Simpson Hall
*Component availability may be limited by quantity and room configuration. Certain room configurations may not allow for safely bunking/lofting (e.g. ceiling height and sprinkler location).
Bunking/Lofting Services are not offered in Baumhart Hall,
but students may bunk their own University beds.
High Loft (includes $25.00 initial set-up fee)
Ladder and Guard Rail may be added separately, see below
Junior Loft (initial set-up) free
Bunked Beds (initial set-up) free
Guard Rail (may be added to High Loft and some Bunked Beds) $25.00
Ladder (may be added to High Loft and some Bunked Beds) $25.00
Furniture Reset (for requested changes by staff after intial set-up)
Regarding Ladders: University beds are designed so that High Lofts and top bunks may be accessed by climbing the end of the bed; many students find this more convenient than having a ladder. Keep in mind that ladders take up floor space and there is an additional $25.00 service fee for furniture resets (including ladder removal).
Request Form
 The form is available after Move-In Manuals have been published.
Requests are managed on a first come, first-served basis.
During high-volume periods, requests may take 2 weeks to be completed.
Due to high demand, we are currently operating a waitlist for
High Lofts and Bunk Beds w/ Ladders and/or Rails
and cannot guarantee fulfillment.

You always have the option of modifying your bed arrangements on your own (and do so at your own risk). If you need help modifying your bed after initial bed setups are complete, you may request assistance through your RA. A Residence Life staff person will be assigned to assist you in making the appropriate bed modifications (in most cases this will require one or two residents of the room to help make the desired modifications). Initial set-up for all furniture requests is included. Each subsequent request to reconfigure bunk beds, junior lofts, or high lofts or to remove components will result in a $25.00 service fee.
PLEASE NOTE: Beds are a part of the university furniture included in your residence hall room. In accordance with Residence Life policies and procedures no furnishings, including university beds may be permanently altered or removed from your room. Additionally, in the interest of safety, beds may not be stacked on top of other furniture, cinder blocks, or the like, and non-university lofts are prohibited.
Not all beds are compatible with bunking/lofting equipment.