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The Meal Plan Requirement


The Benefits of On-Campus Dining

Dining with other students is an important part of the residential experience in that it builds connections within the residence hall and campus communities. With this in mind, Residence Life collaborates with Loyola Dining Services to provide students with high quality, nourishing, and plentiful dining options.

The Meal Plan Requirement

All First and Second year residential students are required to purchase a Loyola University Chicago Meal Plan, and must choose from the All Access Meal Plans. Junior and Senior students may choose an All Access Plan, a Dining Dollar Declining Balance Plan, a Block Plus Plan, or may choose not to have a meal plan. Residents of Baumhart Hall may choose a Dining Dollar Declining Balance Plan or opt out of the Meal Plan Requirement.


Requesting an Exemption or Modification

Recognizing that some students may have certain financial or dietary restrictions, Loyola University Chicago affords meal plan exemptions or modifications for certain documented reasons. Students seeking an exemption from or modification of the meal plan requirement must complete the meal plan release process and meet established creiteria to be approved.


Accommodations for Students with Disabilities or Medical Concerns 

Please note:

  • Certain supporting documentation may be required, requests cannot be properly reviewed until this documentation has been provided.

  • Simply submitting the necessary documentation does not guarantee that your request will be approved, as Dining Services may be able to accommodate your dietary needs.

  • If the reason for your request fits one of the standard reasons provided, select that reason. Do not select 'Other Reasons Not List' or your request may be returned to you for editing, which may delay processing of your request.

  • Vegan and vegetarian options are offered in all dining locations during all meal periods. Vegan/vegetarianism is not considered a reason for release from the meal plan requirement.

  • Certified Halal meats are served at LU's Halal Grill (inside Simpson Dining) and The Olive (inside de Nobili Dining). A Halal diet is not necessarily considered a reason for release from the meal plan requirement.

  • With the exception of Baumhart Hall, First and Second Year Students living on-campus are required to have an All Access Meal Plan regardless of their building assignment. Living in an on-campus apartment-style building does not alter the meal plan requirement.

  • After a term has started, if a student is released from an All Access Meal Plan, the student will be billed for the weekly prorated cost of the meal plan plus any Dining Dollar use. Proration begins for the following week at approximately 5:00PM (CST) each Friday. For example, if your request is approved during the second week of the term, you will be billed for 2 full weeks plus any Dining Dollar use.

    • Our staff typically processes these requests on Friday mornings to ensure maximum use of the billed portion of the plan.

    • Weekly prorated charges are applied regardless of the frequency with which the All Access Plan was used.

  • After a term has started, if a student is released from a Declining Balance Meal Plan, the student will be billed for any Dining Dollars they have used prior to being released from the plan.

  • Proration of charges is based on the date that the request was approved, not the date that the request was submitted.