Loyola University Chicago

Retreat & Ecology Campus

Outdoor Education

Spreading across 98 acres, the Loyola University Retreat and Ecology Campus provides an ideal setting for our outdoor education programs. Student, youth (grades 6 and up), and adult groups will be able to explore our prairies, wetlands, pond, and forests in a variety of hands-on workshops.


Learn the basics of archery, and practice with a recurve bow on an outdoor range. The course will include understanding safety rules, types of equipment, and proper form.

Identify local bird species and the reasons behind their unique characteristics. Plus, students will learn about migration through a role-playing game.

Experience math in the outdoors! Learn how to use a compass, and play several games to put your new skills to the test.

Every day, we consume energy in all different forms—but where does it come from? Learn about alternative energy sources and take part in several hands-on experiments.

Learn how to grow your own food and the importance of eating sustainably, responsibly, and close to home.

Don't just learn how to identify plants in nature—understand the parts of a flower and how people and animals use them for food, medicine, and utility.

Take a hike! Discover how plants and animals thrive in the woods, the importance of soil and the forest floor, the layers that make up a forest, and more.


Better understand a GPS unit and how to operate one. Students will use the navigation device to complete a scavenger hunt with a geocache awaiting them at the end.

Find out what it's like to be an animal in the food chain (through a role-playing activity). Also, learn about the food chain and how to define herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores.

Trees are an essential part of our surroundings, providing us with oxygen and food. Learn more about trees and the use of the dichotomous key.


Rates1½-hour program2-hour program
Youth Group and Student $12 per person $15 per person
Standard (Adults) NA $25 per person
Nonprofit (Adults) NA $20 per person
Available for groups of 12–100+

For Outdoor Education availability and booking, please visit our Request Information page or contact us at lurec@luc.edu or 815.338.1032.