To keep our campuses safe and prevent spread of the virus, we’re introducing new cleaning, dining, transportation, and building protocols.

In This Section


Signage will be placed throughout Loyola’s three Chicagoland campuses to make all faculty, staff, students, and visitors aware of the University’s health and safety requirements. These measures include maintaining social distancing, wearing a face covering, washing hands regularly, staying home when experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or other illness, and visibly wearing a Loyola ID. For additional details about the specific placement and language of Loyola’s signage, please see below.

Location Message Sign Type
  • All building entrances
  • Parking garage
  • Red Line
  • On plasma displays across campus
  • 6’ social distancing
  • Face covering required
  • Loyola ID must be visible
  • Do not enter if showing any symptoms of being sick
  • Wash your hands often
  • Use stairs if possible
  • Wall banners
  • Standing signs
  • Plasma displays
  • At restroom entrances
  • In front of sinks (“wash hands for 20 seconds”)
  • 6’ social distancing
  • Face covering required
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds
  • Call xxxx or submit work order to xxxx if you see any housekeeping needs
  • Standing Signs
  • Elevators
  • Use stairs if possible
  • Only stand on floor markers
  • Face covering required
  • Clean as you go
  • Standing signs

Entering/Exiting a Building

Where possible, one-way building entrances and egresses will be identified and clearly marked. When approaching a door, follow any pertinent instructions as posted.

Meetings & Events

Loyola’s spatial capacities have changed dramatically this fall, given the need for social distancing in classrooms. To accommodate these changes and to protect the health and safety of everyone who hosts or attends events at Loyola, existing reservations for events have been canceled through the fall semester. Once the classroom grid is finalized, 25Live will open for future reservations; however, consistent with the University’s health and safety priorities, all events and meetings should be held online if at all possible. Only when it is not feasible to hold an event online will an on-campus event be considered. For approved on-campus events, spaces will be identified for the appropriate group sizes, respecting social distancing. In Phase 4 of the state’s guidelines, gatherings of more than 50 people will not be permitted. All events will be assigned an event manager who will have the authority to enforce the University’s health and safety guidelines. Setups may not be altered in any way. Time limits will also be placed on events to allow for cleaning between events. For additional details and responsibilities, please see this report.

COVID-19 Space Usage and Events Guidelines

This policy is designed to cover the health and safety of all who use space and host events at Loyola University Chicago. Space usage and events will return in stages as designated by University administration. Guidelines will be updated by teams that are tracking the benchmarks, statistics, daily reports, etc., of local, state, and national authorities and will make the needed adjustments to daily operations and protocols.

Space Usage and Events Rules

These guidelines apply across faculty, staff, and students of all disciplines, departments, buildings, etc. Modifications and exceptions should be rare and only approved by an identified group (such as MPCS).

Events represent the following: meetings, conferences, camps, lectures, symposiums, games, ceremonies (weddings, pinning, etc.), projects, shows, performances, practices, tours, services (worship, task, community), dining/catering/retail services, counseling sessions, receptions, etc.

Spaces represent the following: indoor spaces, classrooms, conference rooms, labs, specialty rooms, dining halls, annexes, study rooms, multipurpose rooms, atriums, lounges, outdoor recreational spaces, fitness centers, arenas, libraries, chapels, prayer spaces, athletic fields, practice spaces, etc.

Campus represents the following: Water Tower, Lake Shore, Health Sciences, Retreat and Ecology (LUREC), and Cuneo.


To inquire about general Loyola information related to COVID-19, please email COVID-19support@luc.edu