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Campus Scenarios

As vaccination rates increase and positivity rates decrease among our own Loyola community, our city, and our state, Loyola aims for a full reopening of campus by the start of the fall semester. The following section and Return to Campus grid will communicate the gradual and phased return to typical campus operations over the summer and through the fall semester. The campus scenarios and grid should be used as a resource for department leaders to form and communicate their own plans toward a full reopening of campus operations and services.

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Signage has been placed throughout Loyola’s three Chicagoland campuses to make all faculty, staff, students, and visitors aware of the University’s health and safety requirements.

These measures include maintaining social distancing, wearing a face covering for those who are not vaccinated, washing hands regularly, staying home when experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or other illness, and visibly wearing a Loyola ID.  Departments may request additional standard COVID-19 related signage for their workspace by submitting a Facilities work ticket. Departments may also print their own signage using a provided University signage template. 


Programs and Events

Please submit all requests to reserve space to host programs and events on campus through 25Live  or room scheduler.  Visit the Campus Reservations website for more information on reservations requirements, guidelines and updates.

Working Environments

Faculty and staff will be permitted to return to campus in the Early Summer phase of the University’s Return to Campus plan, and according to departmental work plans established by department leaders. Loyola’s goal is to gradually increase density on campus, in accordance with the city’s “Bridge” phase of reopening. Departments will design plans to ensure that overall occupancy of a workspace does not exceed 60 percent at any given time in the Early Summer phase. Beginning in the Late Summer phase, departments may return at 100 percent occupancy.   

Departments are no longer required to submit schedules of occupancy for approval, and all staffing and density decisions are able to be made by department leadership. 

Employees will be able to use their department kitchenettes, water bottle fillers, conference rooms and shared spaces, and are encouraged to “clean as they go” by using University-provided sanitizing spray and wipes to clean workspaces. Housekeeping will clean high-touch areas regularly  each day. All employees are expected to follow Loyola’s Required Personal Safety Practices.   

Faculty and Staff Workspace and Health Monitoring Guidelines 

Faculty and staff will be allowed to return to campus in stages as designated by University administration. These guidelines have been established for all physical workspaces on Loyola’s campuses and for the health monitoring required to reopen campus safely.  The University will monitor local, state, and national guidance and will update these guidelines accordingly.  

Workplace Rules 

Our highest priority is the health, safety, and well-being of all members of our University community. These guidelines apply across faculty and staff groups, disciplines, departments, and buildings.  

  • Presence on campus is NOT permitted if an individual:  
    • Receives a result of RED or YELLOW using the daily Symptom Checker app 
    • Has been diagnosed or presumptively diagnosed with COVID-19 
    • Has cold or flu-like symptoms, or symptoms of a coronavirus infection (cough, shortness of breath, chills, breathing difficulties, muscle pain, sore throat, recent loss of sense of taste or smell, fever above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius), or diarrhea)  
    • Is unvaccinated and has someone in their home with a confirmed or presumptive case of COVID-19 
    • Is unvaccinated and has been in close contact with a confirmed or presumptive case of COVID-19 
    • Is unvaccinated and has traveled from a restricted country or state, as defined by the City of Chicago’s Emergency Travel Order 

  • Employees should consult their department supervisors for instructions on returning to campus 

  • Faculty and staff will follow Loyola’s Required Personal Safety Practices at all times 

  • Use of gathering spaces—conference rooms, kitchens, eating areas, etc.—is allowed; employees should clean these spaces after each use 

  • In-person meetings may be held according to the following density guidelines: 
    • Early Summer phase: 25 percent occupancy of a conference room 
    • Late Summer phase: 50 percent occupancy of a conference room 
    • Start of Fall Semester phase: 100 percent occupancy of a conference room  

  • The only visitors and guests allowed on campus are those groups pre-identified as being within the University’s current priority list; please consult the Return to Campus grid for more details 

  • Meetings with vendors, external colleagues, and partners must be held virtually unless the vendors are otherwise already required to be on campus, or permitted under the Return to Campus guidelines for visitors 

  • Shared spaces may be utilized and employees are encouraged to “clean as you go” utilizing the sanitizing products provided by Facilities.  To request a refill of supplies, please submit a work ticket. 

  • Faculty office hours are permitted starting with the Early Summer phase 

  • Starting with the Early Summer phase of the Return to Campus plan, plexiglass barriers will no longer be provided, as they are no longer a critical infection mitigation measure. Due to high rates of vaccination among faculty and staff, the mandatory student vaccination requirement, improved ventilation rates, the required surveillance testing of all unvaccinated individuals, the limitations on visitors to campus, and historically low positivity rates, the use of plexiglass barriers is no longer a necessary mitigation measure

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Following the CDC’s updated guidance on cleaning and disinfecting, the University’s housekeeping vendor, The Millard Group, will focus their attention on daily cleaning of high-touch areas in all common spaces, along with daily or nightly cleaning of all used spaces. Sanitizing wipes will be provided for users to wipe down any surfaces in dining halls, libraries, gatherings spaces, and classrooms. Sanitizing spray and paper towels will be provided in office suites so that employees can clean their immediate work surfaces or common surfaces.

The Millard Group has provided Loyola with a COVID-19 Health and Safety Reopening Plan document that outlines the following:

  • Millard Employee Safety: Includes information on training, hand-washing requirements, PPE training, sanitization of equipment, time clock procedures, social distancing, signage, and health screenings

  • COVID-19 Positive Procedures for Millard Employees: Includes protocols for next steps and measures taken when an employee of Millard tests positive, including notification to Loyola and contact tracing procedures

  • Enhanced Cleaning Procedures: Includes daily disinfection of high-touchpoint areas in opened buildings throughout campus, slowing cleaning speeds to allow for appropriate dwell time to kill the virus

  • Cleaning Protocol for Confirmed Case of COVID-19:

    1. Identify areas requiring disinfection; through contact tracing, Loyola will provide Millard with the locations that an infected person visited within 48 hours as well as determine the extent to which those areas can and will be ventilated and closed to the public prior to and during disinfection

    2. The areas identified for disinfection should, if possible, be closed to the public and ventilation increased by maintenance staff for a period of 24 hours (or as long as possible) prior to disinfection

    3. Disinfect all areas and touch points used or potentially used by the person who is sick

    4. Where applicable, vacuum the area with the HVAC system or fans temporarily turned off to minimize the escape of viral particles

    5. Once the disinfection is completed, Millard will communicate to the appropriate contact that the area is now clean and may be reopened

Using Elevators

Everyone is encouraged to use stairs if at all possible to help prevent queuing.Those who need to take an elevator will be required to wear a face mask inside the car, until further notice. There is no capacity limit on elevators. For high-rise elevators, UV filtration fans have been installed in elevator cars as an additional health safety precaution. Hand sanitizer will be placed near the call buttons in the elevator bank.


Individuals are encouraged to keep as much distance as possible from others where applicable, wear face coverings as required, and wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.

Dining Halls, Cafeterias and Quick Stops

Food services will resume on all three campuses. fall 2021 dining hours. For more information regarding guidelines, menus, services, retail operations, locations, etc. Please visit Aramark (LSC, WTC)Handcut Foods (HSC).


The University Libraries includes the following locations:  

Lake Shore Campus 

  • Cudahy Library/University Archives and Special Collections  
  • Information Commons/Congressional Archives  
  • Library Storage Facility  
  • Piper Hall/Women and Leadership Archives  

Water Tower Campus 

  • Lewis Library  

As we continue our phased reopening, please visit the University Libraries services page at http://libraries.luc.edu/continuity for the most current information. For additional details about our reopening plans, consult our reopening frameworkat http://libraries.luc.edu/reopening-framework.  For guidance about how to make the best use of library services currently, see our Library Services for Remote Learning guideat  https://libguides.luc.edu/remote.  

Building hours for all University Libraries locations are available on our website at http://libraries.luc.edu/hours. 

Other Loyola Libraries 

Information about the Health Sciences Library on the Maywood Campus is available athttps://hslguides.luc.edu/HSLcoronavirusand for the Law Library on the Water Tower Campus at https://lawlibguides.luc.edu/RemoteAccess. 


Worship Spaces

Prayer spaces, including Madonna della Strada Chapel and prayer rooms in the Damen Student Center, remain available to those members of the Loyola Community participating in the Campus Vaccination or Surveillance Testing Program.  Each space has certain protocols in place for use, please visit the Campus Ministry website for up-to-date information at the link below. In some cases, the main entry door to spaces will have access information listed as well. Please visit the website for more information.

UPDATE (as of August 4, 2021): Worship Spaces are at 100 percent capacity. Masks are now required in all indoor worship spaces at all Loyola campuses This applies to all students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors regardless of vaccination status.

Fitness Centers

Halas Recreation Center (Lakeshore Campus) 

Halas Recreation Center will remain open for use by students. The facility will follow all state and city guidelines regarding capacity and social distancing rules, including the possibility of a reservation only system. Members will have access to our cardio and weight room, rock wall, pool and basketball courts for open recreation. Campus Recreations will offer a variety of programs that are designed for students of every skill level and interest. Programming will range from in person Group Fitness, Intramurals Sports, Club Sports, Ramble Outdoors and Aquatic programming. Many of these programs are part of the student membership to Halas for full time students. Please visit the Campus Recreation website and signage for more information, updates and other re-opening policies. 

Loyola Fitness Center (Health Science Campus) 

As we continue our reopening phase, please visit www.loyolafitness.org or call the center at 708-327-2348 for more information and updates on guidelines, classes and programs. 

As vaccination rates increase and positivity rates decrease among our own Loyola community, our city, and our state, Loyola aims for a full reopening of campus by the start of the fall semester. The following section and Return to Campus grid will communicate the gradual and phased return to typical campus operations over the summer and through the fall semester. The campus scenarios and grid should be used as a resource for department leaders to form and communicate their own plans toward a full reopening of campus operations and services.

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