Loyola’s spatial capacities have changed dramatically this fall, given the need for social distancing in classrooms. To accommodate these changes and to protect the health and safety of everyone who hosts or attends events at Loyola, existing reservations for events have been canceled through the fall semester. Once the classroom grid is finalized, 25Live will open for future reservations; however, consistent with the University’s health and safety priorities, all events and meetings should be held online. Only when it is not feasible to hold an event online will an on-campus event be considered.

For approved on-campus events, spaces will be identified for the appropriate group sizes, respecting social distancing. Upon the University’s initial reopening, gatherings of more than 25 people will not be permitted and events will be limited to a duration of one hour or less. All events will be assigned an event manager who will have the authority to enforce the University’s health and safety guidelines. Setups may not be altered in any way. Time limits will also be placed on events to allow for cleaning between events.

In This Section

Space Usage and Event Guidelines

This policy is designed to cover the health and safety of all who use space and host events at Loyola University Chicago. Space usage and events will return in stages as designated by University administration. Guidelines will be updated by teams that are tracking the benchmarks, statistics, daily reports, etc., of local, state, and national authorities and will make the needed adjustments to daily operations and protocols.

Space Usage and Event Rules

These guidelines apply across faculty, staff, and students of all disciplines, departments, buildings, etc. Modifications and exceptions should be rare and only approved by an identified group (such as the Management, Policy, and Command section).

Events represent the following: meetings, conferences, camps, lectures, symposiums, games, ceremonies (weddings, pinning, etc.), projects, shows, performances, practices, tours, services (worship, task, community), dining/catering/retail services, counseling sessions, receptions, etc.

Spaces represent the following: indoor spaces, classrooms, conference rooms, labs, specialty rooms, dining halls, annexes, study rooms, multipurpose rooms, atriums, lounges, outdoor recreational spaces, fitness centers, arenas, libraries, chapels, prayer spaces, athletic fields, practice spaces, etc.

Campus represents the following: Water Tower, Lake Shore, Health Sciences, Retreat and Ecology (LUREC), and Cuneo. 

Event Guidelines

  • All event spaces must be reserved through 25Live Pro.
  • One space request is permitted per event. There is a two-to-four-hour time limit on event space, per event.
  • Events must be canceled within 72 hours to allow enough time to cancel food orders or adjust cleaning schedules.
  • Room capacities will be posted and must be followed at all times.
  • All unused spaces will be locked when not in use.
  • Each event will be assigned a building ambassador through 25live Pro to assist with event communications, building/space access, scheduled cleaning, and day-of-event support (including AV support). Visitors/guests not interested in participating in the event or in observing the current campus policies (such as wearing face coverings) cannot continue to participate in the event activities and can exit campus or wait in the designated guest area. Event guidelines will be shared with every coordinator and then shared with invited visitors/guests/attendees.
  • Events on campus can only take place if all attendees follow the Required Personal Safety Practices.
  • Requests for space will only take place after the third week of the semester.

Space Guidelines

  • All spaces on all campuses will be available to support academic classes as the first priority.
  • Once the academic schedule is finalized, spaces will be assigned into five categories, or “third spaces”: study spaces, online classes workspaces, social gathering spaces, project/group interaction spaces, and event spaces.
  • Room capacities will be posted and must be followed at all times.
  • Rooms setups will support each space category. For example, study spaces will have a classroom setup, project/group spaces will have a u-shape, etc. Spaces will maintain these setups and no changes will be allowed.
  • All external requests for space use and rental must be made through Conference Services.
  • Large gathering spaces must be reserved through 25Live Pro. In these spaces, users must follow Loyola’s Required Personal Safety Practices.
  • Drop-in spaces (study spaces, online classes study spaces) and group project spaces can be used by students without a reservation. Open hours and room capacities will be posted along with the following information:
    • Face coverings must be worn at all times
    • Each area must be wiped down and cleaned after use
    • Six-foot social distancing must be observed at all times
    • Entrance doors must remain open at all times, if feasible
  • Campus dining and retail services: Please refer to Campus Dining, Catering, and Retail Services guidelines

    Catering: Catering services will not be available for the fall 2020 semester
    LUREC: Please refer to LUREC guidelines
    Cuneo: Please refer to Cuneo Mansion and Gardens guidelines
    Chapels: Please refer to Worship Spaces guidelines
    Prayer rooms: Please refer to Worship Spaces guidelines
    Libraries: Please refer to Libraries guidelines
    Fitness centers: Please refer to Fitness Center guidelines
    Shuttle and 8-Ride service: Please refer to Shuttle and 8-Ride guidelines
  • No postings, flyers, etc., will be allowed on walls, windows, doors, classrooms, hallways, elevators, entrances, water fountains, etc. They will be allowed on designated bulletin boards only, with spacing to reduce or eliminate constant touching, tearing, or movement of information.

Building Hours

  • Open/close hours for third spaces are as follows:
    • 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday
    • 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. on Saturday/Sunday (A limited number of buildings and spaces in select buildings will be open on weekends).
    • 6:00 a.m. – Midnight Monday to Sunday for student complexes
  • All buildings must close at 10:00 p.m. except for libraries and student complexes

Building Access

  • The Required Personal Safety Practices must be followed
  • University IDs or name badges must always be visibly worn; building access will not be allowed without a visible ID
  • Hallway lanes will be used to maintain single direction on each side of the hall whenever feasible
  • Elevators will maintain maximum occupancy limits based on social distancing requirements
  • Stairways will be single directional whenever feasible; this will be reviewed on a building-by-building basis
  • Internal doors will be propped/locked in open position whenever feasible to avoid touching of handles and doors


Building ambassadors

  • Assist with building ingress/egress
  • Open and close spaces within the building
  • Maintain compliance of guidelines and policies, such as social distancing, face coverings, etc.
  • Que and minimize lines
  • Manage check-in desk within building
  • Address non-compliance issues with designated appropriate contact, including the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution for students, department supervisors for faculty/staff, and Campus Safety for guests
  • Provide documentation on hosting an event to the event coordinator/department/organization that will include up-to-date safety protocols, event and building check lists, floor plans, and ingress/egress paths, as well as the nearest restroom facility for hand washing and sanitizing stations

Faculty and staff

  • Utilize online resources whenever possible
  • Inform all guests/visitors of University guidelines and updates on safety protocol to educate them on staying safe while complying with health and safety policies
  • Implement a system to check-in guests and provide an ID or name badge in for visual identification to allow access to buildings
  • Ensure that all guests wear name badges until their visit ends
  • Ensure guests follow Loyola’s Required Personal Safety Practices
  • Provide visitor and guests supplies and resources when needed, for example, face masks


  • Develop one-way ingress/egress pathways for each building
  • Maintain physical environment, including signage for stairways, elevators, aisles, fencing, hallways sectionals, etc.


  • Millard
    • Wash/sanitize bathrooms, doorknobs, light-switches, and other high-touch areas hourly
    • Ensure continual supply of hand-sanitizing dispensers, disinfecting wipes, soap, etc. [portable hand washing stations as necessary]
    • Dispose of trash
  • Catering/food service
    • Provide catering for all events on their designated campus, ensuring the necessary safety measures are followed to handle food properly (Aramark for LSC/WTC, Handcut for WTC/HSC; LUREC and CUNEO may use their own authorized food service providers)

Visitors and guests

University Marketing and Communication

  • Communicate through campaigns the guidelines and policies on campus protocol and ease of access


  • Address instances when staff or faculty are not following guidelines

Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution

  • Address instances when students are not following guidelines

Campus Continuity section

  • Continually review appropriateness of guiding principles and update documentation and communication as necessary
  • Communicate to relevant groups for implementation of changes
  • Apprise Management, Policy, and Command section of new recommendations/decisions, as well as any complications to current planning

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