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Villa Stuart

The Rome Center, CISI and HTH (international insurance providers for students studying at the JFRC) have partnered with one of the best clinics in all of Rome conveniently located in the neighborhood. 

Dental Services

The university maintains a list of reputable, English-speaking dentists. The same procedures apply regarding bills and insurance claims for dental services as those for health and medical services mentioned throughout the links found on the left.

Students should also consult the listing of English-speaking health care professionals found on the US Embassy website.

Office of Student Life maintains a roster of English-speaking physicians, dentists, and counselors in Rome who are qualified to assist you, but assumes no responsibility for these medical referrals. Many doctors do not accept overseas payments from insurance companies and students will be asked to pay up-front for the visit. Doctors will provide students with receipts/invoices in order to be reimbursed by CISI/ US insurance company.