Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

On-Campus Doctor

The Rome Center offers on-campus consultation with an English-speaking Italian physician during regularly scheduled office hours two times each week during the fall and spring semesters. The physician may examine students, write prescriptions, and/or recommend follow-up attention at private or state facilities in the area. He also may administer injections. All student rooms are equipped with refrigerators in which medicines that need to be kept cold can be stored. If special security is required, there is also a refrigerator in the doctor's office at the Rome Center.

The infirmary does not provide medication. Medication can be obtained easily at a local pharmacy. Students who take regular prescriptions should talk with their doctor before traveling to Rome and if possible, take enough medication to last the whole time while abroad. 

Hours: Mondays 2:00- 4:00pm & Thursdays 1:30-3:30pm. No appointment necessary.

It is illegal to have medication mailed to a student in Italy and it will be stopped at customs. Students should bring enough of their prescription medication with them to last their entire stay in Rome (this is also true for contact lenses, over-the-counter cold and allergy medicines, and vitamins). American prescriptions are not honored here.  Ask your home doctor to list the generic name of the medicines. If you need a prescription while abroad, you must see an Italian doctor and have a new prescription written. You will also be asked to pay the full market price and then you must file independently with your insurance once you are home.

Please note: Not all medications are available in Italy e.g., ADD and ADHD medications.

In cases requiring hospitalization, students are usually sent to the Gemelli Hospital or San Filippo Neri.