Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center


The JFRC supports an atmosphere in the residence halls which balances academic pursuit with social attitudes. Experience has shown that the success of this policy depends upon a spirit of cooperation and understanding among all members of the JFRC community.

All students are housed in the comfortable residential area of the John Felice Rome Center and in a local Italian hotel.

Our traditional residence hall offers double-room occupancy with community bathrooms. All rooms are fully furnished with a bed, closet, desk, and chair for every student. Rooms also include a refrigerator, sink, and ceiling fan.

Our off campus housing option offers a double-room occupancy in a local Italian hotel. The Zone Hotel, located in the Balduina district, is just a 20-minute walk from campus and provides students with a fuller language and cultural immersion experience in Rome. http://www.zonehotel.com/

For more information about Housing please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Housing contracts

After acceptance to the JFRC, students must confirm their enrollment by selecting the "intent to enroll" option in their study abroad center found in the online application system and, effective for Spring 2016 and afterwards, by paying the $500 deposit online by credit card. Once confirmed, students will complete their pre-departure documents including a housing contract. Every student must complete the housing contract online.

Roommate requests

Students that would like to request a roommate can do so when completing the housing contract. Roommate requests will only be granted if both students make the request.

Move-in date

Students may not move into their rooms on campus until the specified group arrival date each semester. If students are travelling independently and arrive in Rome earlier than the official move-in date, they must themselves arrange their own accommodations elsewhere until they are allowed on campus.

Move-out date

Students who have completed the fall semester and are not returning for the spring semester are asked to vacate their quarters within 24 hours after the completion of the final examination period. Students may store luggage at the JFRC if they are travelling for a brief period of time before returning to the States as permitted by the student life team on campus. There are lockers for storage at the train station and the airport if students do not wish to travel with their belongings.

Full-year students may stay at the JFRC between semesters, though they should know that the heat is turned down, hot water is at a minimum, and no food service is available. At the end of the second semester, all students must vacate the JFRC within 24 hours after the completion of the final examination period. Students may store luggage at the JFRC while travelling after the semester, dates of storage will be determined by the student life team. There are storage lockers available for rent at the train station and the airport.

Residence Life Procedure for JFRC students returning to LUC

If a student is going abroad for only one semester and would like to be placed into on-campus housing upon his or her return, he or she must do the following:

  • Do not participate in the lottery system
  • If a student will still be a sophomore, he or she must fill our a housing exemption form to show that the student is going abroad and will not be living on campus
  • Juniors and Seniors are exempted from completing this form.
  • In October or November, LUC students will receive an e-mail from ResLife asking if they plan to live on campus and giving them the steps to follow in order to get an on-campus housing assignment.