Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

Olive Grove


The JFRC Olive Grove has been an honored part of our Via Massimi campus for decades. For much of that time, the grove remained untouched. This remained true until two years ago (Spring 2013) when a coalition of SLAs, librarian Elise Aversa, and the JFRC facilities team successfully organized a full olive cultivation.

Students spent a full few days searching every branch discovering that our trees were strong and healthy. The fruit of their vine past inspections for production, and the coalition was able to organize their pressing with a local oil press for distribution to the JFRC community.

This process was the JFRC’s most successful sustainable program since the crowning of the JFRC Community garden in the Spring of 2012.  

The JFRC continues to work with outside service providers to ensure that our trees are pruned and ready for the upcoming harvests.