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Recreational Facilities and Sports

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JFRC has a workout and dance studio.

Workout & Dance Studio

The Palestra - a combination of workout and dance studio - ensures students stay physically fit while studying at the John Felice Rome Center. Some aerobic classes are also organized throughout the semester. A fitness instructor comes to campus regularly and helps students at the JFRC stay healthy. Students interested in Egyptian Folk dancing also have a chance to learn in the Palestra.

Fitness Class Hours are to be determined for the Fall 2019 semester.

Starting in 2003 as a weekly pick-up game between students and JFRC staff members, calcio (soccer) has now evolved into a longstanding and dynamic tradition at the John Felice Rome Center. Originally a small league of about 40 participants, the JFRC Calcio League now plays strong with an average of one hundred and fifty players per season. Players of any and all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to play.

The tradition is simple; Thursday night games—play for fun and enjoy a community meal afterwards. Organized into a league of ten teams, players are assigned so that skill levels are evenly distributed throughout each team. A strong sense of community is built in every team through sportsmanship and healthy competition. Students will often structure their plans around Thursday night calcio out of pure dedication to the league. Looking forward to many seasons to come, get excited for the JFRC Calcio League!

Cost: 45€ for field costs and team jersey