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John Felice

John Felice, 1923–2008

For more than 55 years, the John Felice Rome Center has operated as a renowned institution of higher learning.  Founded in the spirit of John Felice, the JFRC serves as a fully equipped American campus, now located on Monte Mario near the site of a former Olympic Village, just 15 minutes northwest of Vatican City and half-an-hour from Rome's historic center (Roma Centro).  The campus opened its doors in the spring of 1962 as the Loyola University Chicago Rome Center for Liberal Arts.

After serving in the British armed forces during World War II, Felice, a native of Malta, saw the devastation wrought by war as the byproduct of a profound lack of understanding among cultures. In the spirit of global healing, he created the JFRC, a first-of-its-kind study-abroad program, with a focus on fostering education and tolerance among people of various religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.

The Center continues to bring together students to study in Europe from universities and colleges throughout the United States for a unique living-learning experience.


In December 2004, Loyola President Michael J. Garanzini, S.J., rededicated the center to its founder, John Felice.  Learn more about John Felice.


As a leader in international, cross-cultural learning, the John Felice Rome Center serves students seeking to become global citizens through an expansive curriculum that fully incorporates Rome, Italy, and Europe into the classroom.


As part of Loyola University Chicago, the JFRC continues the Jesuit Catholic tradition of excellence in education and recognizes extraordinary lives by looking for evidence of the following characteristics:

  •  Commitment to excellence
  •  Faith in God and the religious experience
  •  Values-based leadership
  •  Service that promotes justice
  •  Global awareness