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  • Malta, Malta, Malta!: A Complex Beauty

    Student Myles Fucci reflects on the duty of recognizing complexity and the global perspectives he gained during the spring 2019 Malta trip.
  • Tastes of Toscana: A Breath of Fresh Air Embodied in a Weekend

    26 students, led by SLA Ola, were introduced to the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the beautiful, Italian region of Tuscany. Read student Baylee Corona's thoughts on the trip.
  • Meet Mireille: Beyond the Crisis, Education in a Refugee Context

    The JFRC community welcomed Dr. Mireille Twayigira, a former Rwandan refugee and JRS education advocate, who shared her experiences and highlighted the importance of refugee access to education.
  • Conquering the Strada

    Breathtaking views, a challenging hike, and history combine to make a very different kind of study trip. JFRC librarian, and avid hiker, Anne Wittrick, recounts the weekend's adventures.
  • Umbria: Quiet Little Towns with Big Stories

    The Fall 2018 semester JFRC community traveled to and throughout the region of Umbria on the weekend of September 7-9th. Student Aliana Handal recounts what the busy weekend involved.
  • Spring 2018: Andiamo in Campania!

    Our spring semester kicked off on January 10th, 2018 by welcoming over 180 new students to their new home at the John Felice Rome Center. See what three of our students had to say about their first few days in the Eternal City.
  • Climate Change and Biodiversity: Lago Trasimeno

    This study trip, which took place 7-9 April, 2017 on Lago Trasimeno, offered participants an opportunity to meet with ARPA experts on the subject, to acquire competence, share experiences, and establish lasting contacts between students and technicians.
  • Malta: Becoming "A Little More Human"

    Over the weekend of February 10-12th, eighteen students traveled to the island of Malta to learn about its role in migration and housing refugees from northern, and sub-Saharan Africa. In the words of participant Arianna Vranas, "Truly, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the trip was a life changing one. We were given an opportunity to peer into a life that was completely unlike our own, yet were welcomed with open arms to do so." Click to read the rest of her reflection about the Study Trip.
  • A Big Fat Greek Fall Break

    At 5:45 AM, nobody was ready to respond to our Academic Dean Sander Evers’ cheer. Our group of 47 students plus one SLA Michael groggily trudged to the bus during those wee hours of the morning, rubbing sleep from our eyes…if you could really call it “sleep”. Click to read more Daryn Robinson's blog post about her Fall Break to Greece!
  • World War II Weekend

    Read about the day trips that JFRC alumni Jim Centner and Phil O'Connor lead for students centered around World War II and the Italian Resistance.
  • Day Trip to Ostia Antica and the Catacombs

    Last weekend, 30 students, SLA Ryan, and Dr. John Nicholson took a trip to Ostia Antica and the catacombs of St. Domitilla. Students explored the ancient settlement of Ostia for the morning and traveled underground for an afternoon's exploration of the ancient Christian burial grounds.
  • Loyola 360 Retreat in Rome

    Loyola 360 is a weekend retreat open to students in their first year at Loyola. This retreat is an opportunity for students to gain a better understanding of the Jesuit mission and identity as well as a sense of community through the common 360 experience. This retreat is now offered at the John Felice Rome Center for the Rome Start students. It also gives upperclassmen the opportunity to be retreat leaders.
  • Student Internship Reflection

    Klaudia Kukulka, a junior pre-med student at Loyola University Chicago, made the decision to study abroad, despite many preconceptions that pre-med students are unable to make studying abroad work with their schedules. While studying at the John Felice Rome Center, she not only traveled to many different countries and throughout Italy, but also held an internship at an Italian Medical Clinic, where she worked one-on-one with Italian physicians and patients.
  • In Search of a Life: An Experience in Malta with the JFRC

    SLA Pedro Guerrero reflects on his experience in Malta with the JFRC.
  • Best of the Balkans: Not Your Average Spring Break

    What's the best place to go for a college spring break? Most people would say Florida, or Mexico. However, the 17 students who spent their spring break traveling through Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia might beg to differ. They traded laying on a beach to learn about the tumultuous history of the Balkans. Read on to hear their stories.
  • Sunny Weekend in Sicily

    Forty students had the opportunity to travel to the beautiful island of Sicily over the weekend of February 19-21st. They traveled to all corners of the island, exploring much of the untouched beauty, history, and geography Sicily has to offer.
  • Day Trip to Ostia Antica

    Thirty five students had the opportunity to explore the ancient ruins of Ostia Antica and the Catacombs of San Domitilla with SLA Fran and Dr. Nicholson during this annual day trip!
  • JFRC Service Leadership Certificates

    JFRC Service Leadership Certificates
  • JFRC Cooking in Orvieto

    JFRC Cooking in Orvieto
  • JFRC Tuscany Trip

    JFRC Tuscany Trip
  • Casa Ronald Palidoro in Rome

    JFRC student, Sofia Thompson, shares her service experience at Casa Ronald Palidoro in Rome.
  • Discovering why sandals are the shoes of choice in the Roman Empire

    Read about a students cultural excursion to a local sandal store while studying at the John Felice Rome Center last summer.
  • Introducing: The Fusion Experiences

    This summer, we are introducing a brand new study abroad opportunity for students to travel while they study.
  • World War II Study Trip Fall 2015

    JFRC participants learned about the history of World War II in Rome, Italy.
  • Are you a Tourist or a Pilgrim?

    At JFRC, our students have an opportunity to really settle themselves into Rome.
  • JFRC pilots new Leadership Certificate Program

    Spring 2015 Students had the unique opportunity to partake in the JFRC Leadership Certificate.
  • WWII Weekend

    This past weekend was time, once again, for the World War II study trip. This is a two-day trip where the students get a glimpse of the role that Italy played during WWII.
  • Interreligious Week

    On the week of March 23 – March 27, the JFRC community had the opportunity to celebrate the diversity of religions that compose the fabric of the world with through a variety of events offered on and off-campus.
  • Best of the Balkans

    Over the course of ten days in three different countries, JFRC students journeyed through the Balkans to learn about fundamental historical events, diplomatic relationships, and Balkan culture.
  • In the footsteps of Alexander

    Over Spring Break JFRC students explored the kingdom of Macedonia and Istanbul.
  • L'isola di Sicilia

    Once again, students were able to take a break from studying for midterms by focusing on the beauty, culture, and history of the incredible island of Sicily.
  • Connecting with the Jesuit Refugee Service

    The Jesuit Refugee Service is an incredible organization, and Jacquelyn Pavilon is a great resource. We encourage students to reach out and get involved in JRS events and initiatives that are happening on and off campus!
  • Today We Remember Our Founder John Felice

    John Felice lived an extraordinary life, filling his 84 years with enough adventures, challenges, and successes to fill several volumes.
  • Campania Orientation Trip Spring 2015

    To bring Spring Orientation to a close, the JFRC trekked to the region of Campania for a memorable weekend filled with food and friends.
  • Settling into Spring

    As the first day of classes begin, 235 students (the largest group the John Felice Rome Center has housed in many years) have started to settle into the routine of life abroad.
  • Student Spotlight: Spending Turkey Day in Turkey

    This past Thanksgiving holiday, Father Ted Bohr, S.J. and Student Life Assistant Chandni Patel led a pioneer trip of twenty-three students to Istanbul, Turkey. The focus of the study trip was to explore the meaning and interpret a personal definition of Modern Islam and discover Turkish culture.
  • Student Philosophy Conference

    Students and scholars presented papers related to Identity and Values at this years Philosophy Conference.
  • Hunger Week

    JFRC students and faculty participated in Hunger Week, throughout the week of November 17-21
  • Women in Leadership Panel

    On Wednesday, November 19th, Student Life Assistants Jessica and Anna hosted a panel featuring prominent female leaders at the JFRC.
  • Tastes of Toscana Fall 2014

    For the weekend of November 7th to November 9th, 27 students, SLA Jessica and Librarian Elise Aversa traveled to the Tuscan countryside to enjoy a relaxing weekend filled with food and fun!
  • Student Spotlight: My time here in Rome

    Courage. It’s something we all strive to possess; it’s something that not all of us have. However, without courage, I never would have applied to the John Felice Rome Center. Courage is something, I’m proud to say, my parents instilled in me. So, I made the decision to study abroad.
  • Student Spotlight: Panini Distribution

    Rome-- On Friday, September 31, a group of the Loyola Rome Center students embarked on the weekly Panini Distribution, led by the one and only Pedro Guerrero.
  • Clean Up Balduina Fall 2014

    JFRC Students give back to their local Neighborhood of Balduina being part of the solution essendo utili agli altri!
  • Ultimate Umbria: Fall 2014 Orientation Weekend

    On Friday September 5th, all 157 John Felice Rome Center students, along with the Student Life Team, and various faculty, piled into three buses and took off for an Ultimate Umbria orientation weekend!
  • Student Philosophy Conference

    The Annual Student Philosophy Conference is entering its third year at the John Felice Rome Center.
  • Alumni Aperitivo in Honor of Dr. Susana Cavallo

    Join us for a special opportunity to gather with fellow JFRC alumni and hear from JFRC Dean of Faculty, Dr. Susana Cavallo, who will share her memories, guiding principles, and unique perspective in leading the JFRC to where it is today.
  • Student Spotlight: Fall Break in Poland

    Shanna Johnson reflects on her time in Poland over Fall Break.
  • Ain't No Mountain High Enough: Cusano Mutri 2014

    From September 26-28th, 25 students found themselves discovering the beauty of mushrooms, Campania, and the essence of the Italian sagra
  • Ostia Antica Fall 2014 Trip

    On September 20th, a group of JFRC students along with SLA Anna and Dr. John Nicholson traveled to Ostia Antica
  • A look through the arrival of our Fall 2014 studenti!

    On September 27th, the Fall 2014 JFRC students arrived on campus and began their orientation week.
  • JFRC Students think globally and act locally by making a difference in their Roman backyard.

    Students make more meaning of their time in Rome by giving back to their local Roman backyards on Monte Mario.
  • Student Organic Garden – Winter Vegetable Harvest & Spring Planting

    Cicoria, radicchio, broccoletti, piselli, fave: that’s how you say green goodness in Italiano.
  • Profile

    Elizabeth Geoghegan, Prof. of English Lit & Creative Writing

    JFRC Faculty Member Elizabeth Geoghegan Reads from her recently published e-book “The Marco Chronicles, To Rome, without love”
  • UIC Professor Gloria Nardini visits the JFRC

    The JFRC continues to extend its academic excellence with the invitation of guest lecturers from a variety of fields. Professor Nardini's insights were able to expand our student's context about Italo-American life as a comparison to the life they lead here at the JFRC!
  • JFRC Students Serving Rome’s Homeless and Sick Children

    Study, travel and calcio are not the only activities JFRC students are engaging in this semester. The JFRC has solidified partnerships with local community service organizations to assist those in need while helping students make meaning of their time abroad in Rome.
  • A Night of Theatre in the Eternal City

    On February 6th, a group of students and two SLAs attended an outing to a local theatre to see an English-language production of Irish play Dancing at Lughnasa.
  • Fall 2013 Study Trips Well Under Way!

    Here you will find a review of the Study Trips which have been successfully completed this semester thus far. Read the following post to discover the great adventures students have experienced!
  • Benvenuti!

    Emilio Iodice's welcome to the John Felice Rome Center. Watch Video
  • Under the Tuscan Sun

    Prof. Wingenter, SLA Russell Gonzalez and 26 JFRC students ventured to the Tuscan countryside, sampling the best local culinary delights Tuscany has to offer.
  • Ignatian Spain Pilgrimage

    Nine JFRC students, Fr. Ted Bohr, S.J., and SLA Russell Gonzalez explored Catalonia while feeding their minds, bodies and souls, thus inaugurating the JFRC's first Spain Ignatian Pilgrimage.
  • Serbia and Bosnia

    Professor Anne Wingenter and Student Life Assistants Brian Godfrey and Jack Spittle led sixteen students through Serbia and Bosnia during Spring Break; crossing bridges between the ancient and modern prewar and post-war worlds in these Central and Southeastern European countries.
  • Northern Greece & Turkey Spring Break 2013 Study Trip

    The Spring Break 2013 study trip to Northern Greece and Turkey led 54 JFRC students, Dr. Cavallo, Dr. Evers, Dr. Ioanna Kopsiafti, JFRC alumnus Jim Centner and SLA Gina Crovetti on a Greek-Turkish adventure, following the footsteps of Alexander the Great.
  • La Bellissima Sicilia

    Forty JFRC students, Prof. Alexander Evers and SLA Gina Crovetti traveled to Sicily to explore the ancient crossroads where Greek, Roman, Normanic and Borbonic history and influence shaped the Mediterranean's largest island.
  • Photo Gallery

    Spring Orvieto Study Trip

  • 50th Anniversary Mass & Banquet: Thursday, May 23, 2013, Rome

    Thursday, May 23rd will mark the conclusion of the 50th anniversary commemoration of the John Felice Rome Center. Our 50th Anniversary celebration began with a special alumni event in our hometown of Chicago. It was attended by hundreds of friends and family of the JFRC, whose lives were touched by our founder, John Felice. We will conclude our celebratory year with a Mass dedicated to John Felice on Thursday, May 23rd at 6:45 PM at the Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio, Via della Caravita 8A in the centro storico of Rome. Mass will be followed by a banquet which will be attended by current students, faculty, staff, local alumni, and the members of the Loyola Rome Center Foundation.
  • Spring Semester 2013 Orientation

    Spring semester students headed south to the Amalfi Coast for Orientation, escaping the bustle of Rome and enjoying the almost-unbeatable scenery of the Mediterranean.
  • Mass of the Holy Spirit Spring 2013

    On Wednesday January 23, the John Felice Rome Center Community came together to celebrate the capstone of the Orientation experience, the Mass of the Holy Spirit, in the Church of Saint Ignatius in the downtown historic center of Rome.
  • Profile

    Interview with Dr. Anne Wingenter

    Please read an interview with Dr. Anne Wingenter faculty member from the Rome Center.
  • Profile

    Interview with Dr. Flaminio DiBiagi

    Get the scoop on Dr. Flaminio DiBiagi, Italian Language, Culture and Film History professor at the Rome Center for over 20 years!
  • Profile

    Interview with Dr. John Nicholson

    Get the scoop on Dr. John Nicholson, Fine Arts professor at the Rome Center for over 40 years!
  • Hunger Week 2012

    The John Felice Rome Center mirrored Loyola University Chicago’s events of Hunger Week throughout the week of November 12-15 in Rome. Students raised a grand total of €1,810, by participating in events focused on food awareness. The money was donated to the community of Sant'Egidio and the Jesuit Refugee Service.
  • JFRC Student Olive Harvest

    Fall students harvest the JFRC's olives from its very own olive grove.
  • World War II Study Trip

    Rome Center students participated in a two-day trip around central Italy to get first-hand glimpse of the role that Italy played during WWII. They were led by JFRC alumni and faculty member, Dr. Anne Wingenter.
  • JFRC pilots new Leadership Certificate Program

    Spring 2015 Students had the unique opportunity to partake in the JFRC Leadership Certificate.
  • JFRC Represented at the Saint Nicholas Serata Benefit Dinner

    The JFRC sponsored a table at the Saint Nicholas Serata benefit dinner and auction, with proceeds going to six different charities that serve needy communities in Rome.
  • Ricci Scholars takes two Quinlan students to Rome and Beijing

    Through the Ricci Scholars program, Olivia Muszynski and Alaina Miller researched in Rome and Beijing, and found an international career path.