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John Felice Rome Center



-Students walking from the Basilica di San Francesco


On Saturday, June 7 undergraduate students from the JFRC went on a day trip to Assisi in the region of Umbria.  Upon arrival, students were led on a guided tour of the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi to learn about Saint Francis and the art that depicted his life.  The tour brought the students through Assisi to the main square, where they heard about the Church of Saint Mary over Minerva which was previously an ancient temple.  They were then able to take some free time to explore the town before lunch at a nearby city called Santa Maria degli Angeli.  After lunch, the students had time to walk around the town and visit the main church, a place where Saint Francis would often pray, perform miracles, and eventually died.  The trip was accompanied by warm weather with ample sunshine and was a valuable experience for everyone interested in learning about our current pope's namesake.


Santa Maria degli Angeli

-Santa Maria degli Angeli