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Campania Orientation Trip Spring 2015

Campania Orientation Trip Spring 2015


During the weekend of January 25th the JFRC trekked to the region of Campania. 233 students and 14 staff members loaded 5 buses at dawn to pass by a cloud covered Mt. Vesuvius. Soon after passing by Vesuvius, Poseidon greeted us with a wet welcome at Paestum. The students frolicked in the mud while discovering ancient Greek history in Magna Grecia. The night closed with a community dinner in Vietri sul Mare with a spectacular view of the dark Tyrrhenian seaside.

The sunrise over the seaside was a picturesque wake up call for the students to begin their second day. The five buses split into two groups. One caravan arrived at a bufala mozzarella farm where the group witnessed the highest quality care of buffalo resulting in the highest quality mozzarella, gelato, and cappucini. The other caravan dove into Campanian viticulture at a local Agricola specializing in Aglianico and Ferano grape varietals. The groups switched, buses were reloaded, and all returned for a spectacular dinner performance by local Napoletani folk musicians.

The final day, the group gathered their belongings and made the pilgrimage to the abbey at Montecassino. They learned about the life of St. Benedict and his sister St. Scholastica. They were also told of the bombing of the abbey during WWII and its reconstruction by the Italian government. After taking a group photo of each bus group, the JFRC community departed down the winding road back to Rome.