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Clean Up Balduina Fall 2014

Clean Up Balduina Fall 2014

Angeli delle foglie ed il fango- Angels of the leaves and mud 

JFRC Students partnered with local Balduina community group NoiX Roma to help clear the “stairs” on Via Licinio Calvo after a very tempestuous week of stormy Rome weather.  Members of Student Life staff including Assoc. Dean of Students Cindy Bomben and SLA Mitch Catalano lead students, rakes in hand, to clear the much trafficked stairs that link Via Lucilio and Via Prisciano.  Local residents and neighbors thanked the students for their hard work.  One elderly resident remarked how she no longer feared falling down the walkway now that the path was cleared. Both NoiXRoma and the JFRC are excited for future collaborative programs and hope to keep the spirit of service alive in the semesters and years to come.