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A Night of Theatre in the Eternal City

A Night of Theatre in the Eternal City

On Thursday evening, February 6th, SLA Tim and student Michael Reppen organized an outing to a local theatre to see an English-language production of Dancing at Lughnasa, the award-winning play by Irish playwright Brian Friel. The play takes place in the fictional town of Ballybeg in the year 1936, as the Mundy sisters face their own poverty and family tensions. The twelve students who attended (and SLA Chandni!) noted the play's unique staging elements and enjoyed that a Roman theatre company of English speakers exists.

After the performance, SLA Tim and most of the students went to get kebabs and even stopped at a local bakery to grab some treats. The evening proved itself to be a lovely experience as students further advanced their navigation abilities of the bus system, interacted with the performing arts, and found some new places for delicious eats.