Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center


Day Trip to Ostia Antica and the Catacombs

This weekend, 30 students, SLA Ryan, and Dr. John Nicholson took a trip to Ostia Antica and the catacombs of St. Domitilla. Students explored the ancient settlement of Ostia for the morning and traveled underground for an afternoon's exploration of the ancient Christian burial grounds. See what Jessica Jenkner had to say about the trip below. 

"Having been to Pompeii before, I was very excited to visit Ostia Antica to compare. I was amazed at how much was there. Since the city was covered by mud, everything has been well preserved. I felt as though I saw more than when I visited Pompeii. The detail of the ruins was beautiful. My favorite part was the marble mosaics. I was surprised to see that they depicted animals such as dolphins, elephants and tigers. After having free time to explore the ruins, we headed to the catacombs. It is hard to imagine the time and effort it took to complete the five levels of burial tombs. The catacombs remained covered until the late 19th century. The man that discovered them was trapped initially for three days after he got lost in the seemingly endless passageways."

Written by Jessica Jenkner, Loyola University Chicago 2018