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Hunger Week 2012

Hunger Week 2012

Hunger Week Fall 2012


The John Felice Rome Center mirrored Loyola University Chicago’s events of hunger week through the week of November 12-15.  Each day the students hosted an event that raised funds to go towards their organizations of choice.  This semester the students decided to help support Sant’Egidio, a local organization that helps the poor and needy with food and prayer services, and the Jesuit Refugee Service in Rome, an international Catholic organization that aids refugees, forcibly displaced peoples, and asylum seekers.


Monday November 12 kicked off the week’s first event with a cooking demo in the JFRC Rinaldo’s Bar with Chef Lorenzo Polegri of Orvieto.  The JFRC has a warm relationship with Chef Lorenzo, including study trips to Orvieto where he and his team lead the students not only through the town market and cooking demonstrations, but also to local olive oil mills and wineries.  This night, Chef Lorenzo brought two of his interns from his restaurant, Ristorante Zeppelin, to teach the students how to make homemade tagliatelle (fresh long, flat pasta), a tomato sugo, and a tiramisu hand-whipped dessert.  The students dove right in with the hands-on experience as they rolled, cut and shaped the pasta, as well as crafting the tomato basil sauce, one of Lorenzo’s own recipes.


After working hard to create the meal, the students sat down in Rinaldo’s bar to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  This night, the students raised 130 Euro to begin the donation pot that would continue to grow all week.


The second night of Hunger Week included the JFRC Silent Auction on Tuesday evening November 13.  At the auction, students, faculty, and staff offer goods and services to be auctioned off to all those present that night.  Donations include everything from the tangible cookies, tiramisu, homemade fudge and brownies, to promises of event days downtown such as a bike ride for two with our librarian Anne Wittrick, an SLA’s favorite day, or a tour of the Vatican Gardens with Father Al.  The students have about three hours to bid, and at the end of the night the auction closes and the winners are announced.  Some items win with a simple 2 euro bid, and others, like the ever-popular “Chili night for six with Mike, Colleen, and Annie Beazley” can go for over 80 Euro.  This night the JFRC raised 1,040 Euro to add to the donations for the week.  Everyone was amazed at the efforts and success of the evening.


The third and final event of this year’s Hunger Week was the installation of “Donate your Dinner”.  This occurred on Wednesday November 14 at the dinner cafeteria service.  Students were able to give up their dinner and Loyola agreed to donate the money spent on each student to the week’s donation pot.  All in all, the students raised another 640 Euro that went to give others food instead of feeding themselves in the unlimited buffet.


The grand total for the week was 1810, completely raised by students, faculty, and staff to help those in Rome who need the services much more than those needed on campus. 


All events culminated in our JFRC Thanksgiving Meal on Tuesday November 20 where James Stapleton, the representative from the Jesuit Refugee Service, was presented with his half of the funds raised and gave the group a quick explanation as to where exactly where that money would go and who it would help.  He assured that it would go directly to the large influx of immigrants coming from North Africa to seek refuge and that it would provide countless meals for those who would otherwise go without.


Hunger Week is one of the most important weeks of the Fall Semester at the JFRC and is truly a time for members of the JFRC community to reflect upon their blessings and work outside themselves to help those who can benefit from caring services.