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JFRC pilots new Leadership Certificate Program

This semester, with the help of our Director Emilio Iodice and Student Life, The John Felice Rome Center launched a new initiative that is unique to most study abroad experiences in Europe.   We are honored to have the Spring 2015 class as the first to participate in the JFRC International Leadership Certificate Program; mirrored off of the Leadership Certificate Program at Loyola University Chicago and designed with the unique experiences of Rome.

Under the guidance of Director Iodice, Associate Dean of Students Cindy Bomben, Director of Residence Life and Student Services Alvin Mangosing, and Student Life Assistant Jessica Kuh, students were asked to participate in various Key JFRC Leadership Experiences which included: enrollment in Emilio’s Leadership Course; membership in Student Activities Committee; participation in Calcio League; membership in a Christian Life Community; attendance in the World War Two Weekend Study Trip; participation in off-campus service opportunities and attendance at various lectures throughout the semester. The goal of the certificate program is to not only continue to recognize the positive impacts of these young global leaders already here at the JFRC, but to also give them the opportunity to synthesize and share these experiences with the rest of the community.  

The certificate program culminated with a 3-minute presentation given by each student in front of staff and faculty in which the student demonstrated what leadership abroad has meant to them.  These students chose to add an additional dimension of global learning to their study abroad experience by engaging with Rome on diverse levels through service and socio-cultural conversations. 

With over 35 students who have completed the Leadership Certificate requirements, the John Felice Rome Center is proud to announce that these students are the inaugural International Leadership Certificate recipients! This is a legacy that will be carried on throughout the years and the community here at the John Felice Rome Center is passionate about fostering leadership amongst its’ students for semesters to come.

Congratulazioni ragazzi!