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Interview with Dr. John Nicholson

Interview with Dr. John Nicholson
John Nicholson

How long have you been teaching at the JFRC?

I have been teaching at the Rome Center since 1968. When I was a graduate student in Belgium I heard of a place open at Loyola in Rome, made the application and was accepted.

What courses do you teach at the JFRC?

I teach three art history courses: Art in Rome, Italian Renaissance Art, and Baroque Art.

How has teaching at the JFRC benefitted you? Are you a better professor because of it?

Over the years I hope to have developed my teaching skills in relation to the challenges of teaching American students who are away from their home universities. I know that a semester or a year abroad is very important for young Americans and I hope to have contributed to enriching their intellectual and cultural growth.

What is your favorite spot in Rome?

Rome is so extremely rich in history, culture, cuisine that it is almost impossible to single out one place. I do have a special affection for the Aventine Hill with its panoramic view of Rome, its early churches, and its atmosphere of history and tranquility in this splendidly chaotic city.