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Ostia Antica Fall 2014 Trip

Ostia Antica Fall 2014 Trip

Professor Nicholson lectures inside of the ruins at Ostia Antica

On Saturday morning, September 20th, 29 students left the JFRC campus with Dr. Nicholson for a tour of ruins of Ostia Antica and the Catacombs of San Callixuts. They spent the morning touring various ruins in the ancient town of Ostia, which was the major port for ancient Rome. Dr. Nicholson explained a bit of Roman history to the students as they explored the remnants of apartment buildings and bathhouses. The group stopped for a picnic lunch on the steps of the ancient theater, which Dr. Nicholson explained is still used for concerts and plays during the summer months. After lunch the students took some time to explore the site on their own before heading to the Catacombs in the south of the city of Rome. The students followed a local expert through a small portion of the underground area which makes up the Catacomb of San Callixtus. There are over 30 miles of tunnels which were the burial place of Christians during the Roman Empire when Christians were not permitted to be buried within the city walls. After a day of exploring these two sites which are extremely important to Rome's history, the students returned to campus to continue enjoying their time in the Eternal City.