Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

Summer Abroad Programs- Rome

Make Rome your home! 

In hopes that the COVID-19 pandemic may be under control by May of 2021, Loyola University Chicago's John Felice Rome Center is proposing a tentative schedule of classes for its summer sessions: a five-week program from May 21st through June 25th, followed by a four-week program from June 26th through July 24th. 

Students may opt for either or enroll for both programs.  

These are the courses tentatively approved for the five week program.  Please bear in mind that a course must enroll a minimum of ten students.  Consequently, low-enrolled courses are likely to be cancelled. 

CLST 277  World of Late Antiquity

COMM 274  Introduction to Cinema

ENGL 318R  Writing Fiction: Writing Rome

ENVS 227R  Ecology of the Mediterranean Sea

FNAR 342  Art in Rome

HIST 104  Global History since 1500

ITAL 101  Italian I

LITR 280 World Masterpieces in Translation

PHIL 181  Ethics

PLSC 341  Comparative Politics

ROST 300  Italy: Culture & Context

THEO 266  The Church & Global Cultures

THEO 279  Roman Catholicism

THTR 100  Shakespeare in Italy

Additionally, a paired sequence of Italian 101 / Italian 102 will be offered in an intensive Italian language arrangement during the five-week program.

For the four-week program, three paired sequences or "fusion experiences" will be offered. These specially-designed pairs will involve instruction on campus as well as travel to the specified reqion of Italy for instruction and an immersive on-site experience.  

CLST 276  World of Classical Rome / CLST 334R  Classical Archaeology  (Sicily)

FNAR 115  Foundations of Photography / LITR 268R  Foods & Wines of Italy (Abruzzo)

FNAR 113  Drawing I / ITAL 101  Italian I  (Perugia)


Tuition per credit hour at the JFRC for a summer course will be $700, so a three-credit course = $2,100.  Students are required to enroll for two courses; thus tuition will be $4,200 for either the five-week or the four-week program.  The balance of the cost will vary based on the location, distance to the site, and duration of the program.

Estimated total cost (subject to change) for tuiton + program fees (includes housing) for the

Five-week program on campus =  $7,400

Four-week program Sicily = $7,500

Four-week program Abruzzo = $7,000

Four-week program Perugia = $7,000


Questions? Please email rome@luc.edu.