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note: Effective March 6, 2020, all Spring and Summer 2020 programs at the John Felice Rome Center have been cancelled. The most up-to-date statement from Loyola is available online.

Want to get more out of your summer study? Explore Europe while taking classes unique to the JFRC experience. Because the JFRC summer program condenses the best elements of the semester program into a shorter time frame, it's perfect for students who have commitments preventing them from studying abroad during the school year.

Summer Session I: five-week classes meet Monday-Thursday, allowing students three-day weekends to travel throughout Rome, Italy, and Europe. Students will select from three options: two courses (six credit hours) of their own choosing from fourteen courses offered, six credit hours of intensive language (ITAL 101 and ITAL 102), or a global health pairing (GNUR 203 and PSYC 273).

Bridging Summer I into Summer Session II: JFRC's popular four-week fusion experiences combining on-campus classes with classes on-the-road. Students begin their study on the JFRC campus in Rome and then travel to another region of Italy, earning credit through two paired courses.  


Below you'll find more information on:

Summer at the JFRC 

Session I:

  • Rome, Italy - Session I (5-weeks) - any two courses of your choosing
  • Rome, Italy - Session I (5-weeks) - ITAL 101 and ITAL 102 (Italian Studies = intensive Italian language)
  • Rome, Italy - Session I (5-weeks) - GNUR 203 and PSYC 273 (Global Health Studies)

Session I-II:

  • Rome, Italy - Session II (4-week fusion experience): ClSt 276 / ClSt 334R Digging Up Sicily: Hidden Treasures & Lost Cities of the Ancient World
  • Rome, Italy - Session II (4-week fusion experience): FnAr 113 / Ital 101 Disegni di Perugia: Learning Italian through Drawing in Rome and Perugia
  • Rome, Italy - Session II (4-week fusion experience): FnAr 115 / Litr 268R Discovering ItalyFood, Wine & Photography of Rome and Abruzzo

Students wishing to attend a five week program and a four-week fusion experience should apply for each option separately.

 Apply Now  for the John Felice Rome Center summer abroad programs.

Summer 2020  Session I (5 weeks) Session I-to-II (4-week fusion experience)
Due at JFRC May 15 (Friday) June 20 (Saturday)
May 15-17 (Friday-Sunday) June 20-21 (Saturday-Sunday)
Classes Begin May 18 (Monday) June 22 (Monday)
Final Exams June 17-18 (Wednesday-Thursday) July 16-17 (Thursday-Friday)
Departure June 19 (Friday) July 18 (Saturday)


The online application for Summer 2020 opened in September, 2019! The deadline for summer JFRC applications is March 13, 2020, though registration for summer starts on February 10, 2020. Decisions about admission are sent via e-mail.

When applying for Summer 2020, pay close attention to the option you want; there are three different options in each of the two sessions!  

Things to Consider:

Please be aware that, when making your flight reservations, participants in the JFRC 2020 summer program are expected to arrive at the JFRC between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm on Friday, May 15th, for the first summer session and Saturday, June 20th, for the fusion experiences.

There are no school-sponsored student group flights during the summer; all students must book their own round-trip tickets and get themselves to the JFRC campus. Confirmed students should book their flights as early as possible, taking note of the date they are due on campus and the date they must leave.  Booking to arrive a day or two early is not recommended, as there is a specific move-in date, and students will not be able to move-in earlier than the specified date. 

Students will reside in double rooms on campus while enrolled in the program. Administrative and student life support will be provided by JFRC staff.

Students must enroll in two courses during each session. Paired courses must be taken as a pair; students may only choose two courses if those courses are not paired together. Courses will be subject to cancellation if enrollment is low.

See Summer 2020 Course Offerings Click onto the title of a course to view the syllabus for that course when it becomes available (syllabi for summer 2020 classes will be available before registration begins in February 2020). 

A unique feature of the JFRC Summer Program is the Fusion Experience.  Three integrated learning experiences will be offered:

  • Discovering Italy: Food, Wine & Photography of Rome and Abruzzo
  • Digging up Sicily: Hidden Treasures & Lost Cities of the Ancient World
  • Disegni di Perugia: Learning Italian through Drawing in Rome and Perugia

Students selecting a Fusion Experience will start and end at the JFRC campus, but travel to Umbria, Sicily, or the Abruzzo region for the time in-between.  Students are required to enroll in both classes that constitute a fusion experience.

Benefits of a Fusion Experience:

  • These experiences fuse content from two different subject areas.  The two classes connected to each experience have been intentionally selected so that the courses complement each other.
  • These experiences fuse theory with practice, as students will be applying what is learned in the classroom to out of the classroom, hands-on experiences.
  • These experiences fuse two different regions of Italy into one experience, e.g., Lazio (Rome) with Abruzzo OR Lazio (Rome) with Sicily OR Lazio (Rome) with Umbria (Perugia), providing a comparative perspective.

The basic program fee for summer abroad at the JFRC covers tuition (requiring enrollment in six credit hours each session), room, partial board (lunch Monday through Thursday and a declining euro card to cover breakfast, snacks, or dinner in Rinaldo's Cafe), activities' fees, select additional course fees, and single-day excursions.

A mandatory charge for CISI (Cultural Insurance Services International), the student international health insurance plan, will also be billed on a student's LOCUS account to cover the entire JFRC summer.

Roundtrip airfare (USA-Rome-USA) is not included in the program fee and is the personal responsibility of the student. Optional week-end trips are also not included but will be available at a student's own expense. 

Tuition for JFRC 2020 Summer Classes$700 per credit hour
Five-Week Session (includes tuition): May 15-June 19 $7,449.00
Five-Week Italian Studies Option (includes tuition): May 15-June 19  $7,449.00 
Five-Week Global Health Studies Option (includes tuition): May 15-June 19 $7,449.00 
Four-Week Sicily Fusion Experience (includes tuition): June 20-July 18 $7,776.00
Four-Week Abruzzo Fusion Experience (includes tuition): June 20-July 18 $7,207.00 
Four-Week Umbria (Perugia) Fusion Experience (includes tuition): June 20-July 18 $7,801.00

All scholarships are need-based; need will be determined based on a student's current academic year's financial need assessment.  Opening date for applications is January 15, 2020.  Information can be found on the JFRC website here