Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

Summer 2015 Course Offerings


5-Wks: May 18-June 18

4-Wks: June 29-July 24

Course #

Class #

Course Title


Course #

Class #

Course Title


CLST 395


Topography of Rome


ANTH 102


Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Tier 2 Societal & Cultural Knowledge

COMM 212


International Advertising & Communication


FNAR 115


Photography I: Digital Photography

Artistic Knowledge & Experience

ENGL 273


Exploring Fiction

Tier 2 Literary Knowledge

FNAR 200


Art History: Pre-History to Renaissance

Artistic Knowledge & Experience

HIST 204


Global History since 1500

Tier 2 Historical Knowledge

ITAL 101


Italian 101


ITAL 101


Italian 101


ITAL 102


Italian 102


ITAL 102


Italian 102


PLSC 102


International Relations in an Age of Globalization

Tier 1 Societal & Cultural Knowledge

LITR 161


Introduction to Italian Culture


THEO 185


Introduction to Christian Ethics


MUSC 101


The Art of Listening

Artistic Knowledge




Aesthetics: The Aesthetic Experience in Rome

Tier 2 Philosophical Knowledge


PLSC 100 (cross-listed with HONR 216)


Political Theory

Tier 2 Societal & Cultural Knowledge


THEO 279

#1903; #2315

Roman Catholicism: Theology of Pilgrimage

Tier 2 Theological Knowledge




 All course offerings listed for Summer 2015 may be subject to change.


Faculty-Led Inter-Session Course

Between the five-week and four-week sessions at the JFRC, a ten-day course / study-trip to Greece will be offered as a separate program. "Art of Ancient Greece" (CLST 206) is an exploration of the artistic heritage of classical Greece. This combination class / study-trip will begin on Friday, June 19th, and conclude on Sunday, June 28th. 

Students must apply online separately for Greece or Rome. There are three summer options for Rome: five-weeks, four-weeks, or both (nine-weeks); for Greece there is just the single course.  Students accepted for CLST 206 in Greece will be enrolled in the course by staff in the Office for International Programs; students accepted for any of the Rome sessions will be able to self-enroll when registration for summer begins in February.

Should a confirmed student need to withdraw from CLST 206 in Greece, he or she must contact OIP in writing at studyabroad@luc.edu; the deadline to withdraw is Tuesday, March 31st.  Because of the need to confirm commitments with hotels and tour companies, payment for the trip costs for Greece is required before May 1st.  If the course is cancelled, any monies paid by a student will be refunded.  If the course meets its enrollment but a student still chooses to drop CLST 206 on or after Friday, May 1st, then he or she may be billed for the trip in its entirety (€1,100 or$1,600), though no tuition will be charged. 

All courses offered during any of the JFRC summer sessions carry three semester hours of credit unless specified otherwise.