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John Felice Rome Center

Summer Course Offerings

For more information about our Summer 2020 Programs click hereAll Summer JFRC students must enroll for two courses (six credit hours) in each session they choose to attend.


Five-Week Course Offerings - Summer 2020
May 15 - June 19 


Dept / Crse #Course TitleDept / Crse #Course Title
CJC 345  Social Justice & Crime  PHIL 181  Ethics
CLST 277  World of Late Antiquity  PLSC 341  Comparative Politics 
COMM 103  Business & Professional Speaking  ROST 300  Italy: Culture & Context 
COMM 274  Introduction to Cinema THEO 266   The Church & Global Cultures
ENGL 318R  Writing Fiction: Writing Rome (WI)  THEO 279  Roman Catholicism
ENVS 277R  Ecology of the Mediterranean Sea    
FNAR 342  Art in Rome  ITAL 101 & ITAL 102  Italian Sudies: Italian I & Italian II  
HIST 104  Global History since 1500  GNUR 203 & PSYC 273  Global Health: Microbiology & Developmental Psychology 
LITR 280  World Masterpieces in Translation     


Four-Week Fusion Experiences - Summer 2020
June 20 - July 18 


Depts / Crse #s

Program Titles for Fusion Experiences

CLST 276 & CLST 334R  Digging Up Sicily: Hidden Treasures and Lost Cities of the Ancient World 
FNAR 115 & LITR 268R  Discovering Italy: Food, Wine and Photography of Rome and Abruzzo 
ITAL 101 & FNAR 113  Disegni di Perugia: Learning Italian through Drawing in Rome and Perugia


Each course offered at the JFRC during its summer session carries three semester hours of credit.

Students selecting one of the Fusion Experiences will spend a brief time at the JFRC campus, then travel either to Umbria (Perugia), Sicily, or the Abruzzo region for much of the time. Students will be enrolled in both classes for their six hours of credit.

Benefits of a Fusion Experience:

  • These experiences fuse content from two different subject areas.  The two classes connected to each experience have been intentionally selected so that the courses complement each other. 
  • These experiences fuse theory with practice, as students will be applying what is learned in the classroom to out of the classroom, hands-on experiences.
  • These experiences fuse two different regions of Italy into one experience, e.g., Rome/Lazio with Abruzzo OR Rome/Lazio with Sicily OR Rome/Lazio with Perugia/Umbria, providing a comparative perspective.