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Evers, Alexander

Title/s:  Associate Professor



Alexander Evers is Professor of Classical Studies and Ancient History at the John Felice Rome Center of Loyola University Chicago. He obtained his DPhil in Ancient History at the University of Oxford (2002). After having taught at Utrecht University in The Netherlands, Dr. Evers arrived at the John Felice Rome Center in 2005. Next to his extensive teaching in the areas of Greek, Roman, and Early Mediaeval History, he is an active researcher. His research has concentrated on the African provinces of the Roman Empire in Late Antiquity. A number of articles have appeared, dealing with various aspects of life in the cities of Roman Africa. His book Church, Cities, and People: A Study of the Plebs in the Church and Cities of Roman Africa in Late Antiquity was published by Peeters Publishers (Leuven) in 2010. His work continues to focus on North Africa, particularly in the period of the Vandal Interregnum. His current main project, however, deals with the city of Rome itself, in the fourth, fifth, and sixth centuries. He directs an international and interdisciplinary project on the so-called Collectio Avellana. The work will result in a monograph, a new text edition with English translation and historical commentary, and in a series of volumes of essays on the Avellana, following a number of conferences (for further details, see http://www.luc.edu/collectioavellana). Dr. Evers has also appeared in a number of TV documentaries for the BBC, National Geographic Channel, and the History Channel, and has been the academic consultant to a number of them.