Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center


Mitrano, Mena

Title/s:  Adjunct Professor



My research focuses on modernism, theory, and American literature. My new book, In the Archive of Longing: Susan Sontag's Critical Modernism (Edinburgh University Press, 2016) continues my investigation of the intimate link between modernism and theory.           

At the John Felice Rome Center I started The Discourses of Modernity Seminar in 2015. The seminar is the creature of my special interest in the contact between literature and philosophical reflection, and it is meant to be an academic and friendly space devoted to top quality research and debate, where scholars from different disciplines can offer their newest around issues of modernity.

As of March 2016, the Seminar is part of a larger international Network of research on Italian Thought and European Philosophies (WORKITEPH) and the third meeting for this will host the work of researchers from the other laboratories affiliated to the network. 

Please visit the Network's website at: http://workiteph.com/