Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

Full-Year Program

Those students seeking a profound relationship with the Italian culture and the city of Rome should consider enrolling in the full-year program at the John Felice Rome Center. There are many benefits that come with studying at the JFRC for a full academic year. Throughout the year, full-year students continue to develop a deeper understanding of the Italian culture through  opportunities provided in the Spring semester. There are also many opportunities provided to aid the students' personal and professional development.

Opportunities for Work Experience
The internship class places students in organizations throughout the city, allowing students the opportunity to work and interact with Italians and gain work experience relevant to their interests. These internships take place during the Fall or Spring Semester. Learn more about our Internship courses.

Two full-year students are selected to work with the Student Life Team throughout the year. The Student Office Assistant works with the Director of Residence Life and Student Services on marketing projects, the website, and the Student Newsletter. The Facilities Crew member works with the SLA Facilities Coordinator on various projects throughout the year. Each of these is a paid position.

Opportunities for Cultural Engagement
In the spring, some full-year students receive the opportunity to live with an Italian family in the neighborhood instead of on campus in the dormitories. This allows for the student to create a personal relationship with local Italians, practice their language skills, and develop their understanding of the Italian culture.

Opportunities for Leadership
Leadership opportunities are available for all JFRC students, but especially for full-year students. With a semester of experience under their belts, some full-year students take on a leadership role amongst the semester students during the Spring. Some ask to lead SAC (the Student Activities Committee), others apply to be commissioners and captains in Calcio (the JFRC intermural soccer league), and other still volunteer to help with Spring Orientation, welcoming the new students and helping them adjust in the first two weeks of the semester.

The SLA Academic coordinator focuses on the year-long development of the full-year students, hosting sessions throughout the year which focus on their personal and professional growth. At the end of the academic year, an optional day-long or weekend retreat is planned for the full-years to finish their study-abroad experience with a chance to reflect on their year abroad.