Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

Course Description

  • Each student usually interns 10-12 hours a week for 12 weeks during the semester (for a minimum of 100/120 total hours of work experience at the internship site).
  • Basic Italian (and/or knowledge of any other languages) is a plus. Knowledge of Italian will increase the possibilities to be placed in a certain institution. No previous Italian experience is required but all students must take Italian language classes while they are in Rome if they have had no prior knowledge.
  • Interns take part in a special 3 credit internship class for which the internship coordinator serves as the professor.
  • Among the benefits of the internship experience most typically noted by students at the end-of-term group meeting and in the evaluation form included:
    • the ability to hone their Italian-language skills
    • developing work etiquette
    • gaining valuable professional experience and strengthen their resume
    • “testing the waters” of a specific professional area of interest
    • Most importantly, applying their classroom knowledge to a unique international professional environment.

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