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In January 1962, John Felice brought the first class of students to Rome through Loyola University Chicago.  In December 2004, Loyola President Michael J. Garanzini, S.J., rededicated the center to its founder, John Felice.   Learn more about John Felice click here.

Each semester the JFRC is home to over 200 students. 
Each summer session includes 80 - 100 students.

Yes!  The John Felice Rome Center is a campus of Loyola University Chicago.  For visiting students, your transcripts will come from Loyola Chicago making it easier for you to transfer credits.

As a leader in international, cross-cultural learning, the John Felice Rome Center serves students seeking to become global citizens through an expansive curriculum that fully incorporates Rome, Italy, and Europe into the classroom.

As part of Loyola University Chicago, the JFRC continues the Jesuit Catholic tradition of excellence in education and recognizes extraordinary lives by looking for evidence of the following characteristics:

  • Commitment to excellence
  • Faith in God and the religious experience
  • Values-based leadership
  • Service that promotes justice
  • Global awareness

To learn more about the Society of Jesus, founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola click here


The local phone # is 06.355.881.  If dialing from the U.S. dial -

The address is Via Massimi 114/A, Roma, Italia 00136
We do not recommend sending large packages, technological or pharmaceutical products (e.g., computers, cameras, memory cards, toothpaste, deodorant, contact lens solution) shipped to you in Rome. You will be required to pay a hefty tax on them once they arrive in Italy and may even have to go claim them in person at the airport customs.

The campus which has served as the home of the JFRC for the past 40 years is located in the Balduina District of Monte Mario.  This affluent Italian neighborhood has become a part of the JFRC community and experience.  Students will find residences, parks, elementary schools, soccer fields, open air markets, cafes, restaurants, super markets, and pharmacies in the neighborhood.  To learn more about the area Click Here.

Our American-style campus will provide many of the same services as your home institution.  Please review our Campus Information section for more details.

Students can live on campus in the Residence Halls or off-campus in an Italian Hotel.  All of our housing is double occupancy.  Single rooms will only be granted to students with medical conditions and will need to provide a doctor's recommendation.  No single rooms are guaranteed.  Please see our Housing section and Residence Life for more details and our Housing FAQs.
Yes!  Our campus ministry and student life work together to help students find service opportunities in Rome.  As one of the Jesuit core values JFRC students can help serve the community they live in and the great community of Rome.  To learn more click here.

Students must be enrolled in a U.S. university or college, completed 12 semester hours (students can be accepted with 12 credit hours but must complete 24 prior to their departure for Rome), hold a 2.75 cumulative GPA, and be in good academic and judicial standing.

The cost of the JFRC can be found under Costs & Scholarships.  Visiting students should speak to their study abroad advisors to find out how much it will cost them as this may vary.  Loyola Chicago students should speak to their financial aid advisors, all student aid will follow except for work study.
All students must have a valid passport to travel to Rome.  All non-EU citizens must get a study Visa to study in Rome.  Our team in Chicago will help guide you through this process. 

Please see our Scholarships page for information on how to apply.  All semester students can apply for scholarships during the application period.

No.  Students are not required to take Italian before going to Rome.  However, if you are a semester student and you have not taken Italian before going to Rome you must take Italian 101 while you are in Rome.  There are not Italian requirements for summer students.
All visiting students should speak to their home institutions Study Abroad Office or review their website to learn the procedure for course approvals.  Usually, you will need to provide a course description or syllabus to a Faculty or Dean for approval.  If this is the case you will find syllabi for all our courses on the Courses webpage.  If you need assistance please contact rome@luc.edu.

Our JFRC representatives visit campuses across the U.S.  Contact a representative to see if they are visiting your school here.

The JFRC offers a variety of courses.  Most classes are on campus while others are on-site, which means you will meet in the historical center of Rome for class.   Study Fine Arts, Film, Music, Fashion, Architecture, Sculpture, Communication, Political Science, History, Literature, Philosophy, Business and many other fields!  Take courses towards your major, minor, core or electives!

Yes.  An internship is a great way to take full advantage of your time in Rome, to hone your Italian language skills, and to see the global business world as an insider. For more information click here.

As an American university, all classes are taught in English except for the Italian language courses.
Yes.  We now have a summer program that allows students to gain up to 15 credit hours in one summer.  See our summer programs for more information.

A pre-departure orientation session is held on Loyola-Chicago's Lake Shore Campus during the semester prior to a student's planned attendance at the Rome campus.  It is mandatory for ALL Loyola University Chicago Students! Visiting students will have a mandatory interactive pre-departure orientation learning module to complete online.

Upon arrival in Rome for the semester, all students will participate in an orientation on and off campus.  The excursion offers an opportunity for the community of students to prepare for the busy semester to come, while getting to know one another.  For more information on the orientation, please view the schedule

Students who study at the Rome Center for the summer program have a one-day orientation on the weekend prior to the start of classes. 

Yes.  All students must arrive on the day of registration.  Orientation is of no extra fee and it will provide students with important information about the program, campus, and their time in Rome.  Students will also need to complete important paperwork for their Permit to Stay in Italy.  If you do not complete this your Visa will be invalid and you will be dismissed from the program. 

All students must purchase and provide proof of International Health Insurance.  Please see our health insurance requirements for Loyola Students and Visiting Students.

Yes.  Classes meet Monday through Thursday except for a few make-up Friday classes.  Students are free to travel over the weekends and during long breaks.  Each semester has a 10-day fall/spring break and a 4-day break (Thanksgiving in the fall and Easter in the Spring).
YES!  Students can choose to fly to Rome independently or with our group flight.  The group flight leaves from Chicago and has limited availability.  Please see our Travel section for more information.

Students may not move into their rooms on campus until the specified group arrival date each semester.  If students are traveling independently and arrive in Rome earlier than the official move-in date, they must themselves arrange their own accommodations elsewhere until they are allowed on campus.  Please check out this recommended list of hotels and hostels within walking distance of the Rome Center. 

No guests are allowed to stay over night at the JFRC.  Please see the Guest Policy in the JFRC Community Standards.  Friends and Family visiting students in Rome can find a number of Guest Accommodations in Rome and near the Rome Center campus.

To learn more about what to pack for Rome, and questions about cell phones, money, prescription drugs, etc. see our Packing Guide.

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