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John Felice Rome Center

Program Costs and Study Abroad Scholarships

Getting to Rome shouldn't be a problem. In fact, with our affordable payment plan, scholarships, and discounts, a semester at the JFRC may actually cost less than staying home. Here's the breakdown:

JFRC Semester Costs 2019-2020 for most Loyola University Chicago students

  • Tuition (12-18 credits) - $22,065
  • Room and board, including declining balance card for Rinaldo's Cafe on campus - $6,976
  • Study abroad fee (payable upon application)  - $100
  • Technology Fee - $125
  • Permesso di soggiorno fee - $180
  • SAFEY App - $70
  • CISI (international student health insurance) - $300

Total (excluding scholarships, financial aid, and other discounts) - approximately $29,816.

Semester Costs for Visiting Students to the JFRC vary significantly from those above.  Contact rome@luc.edu for details.

 Tuition Due Dates

Terme-Bill GeneratedTuition Due Date
Fall July 15th August 5th
Spring December 15th January 5th
Summer April 15th May 5th

To review a summary of your account activity online, please refer to your LOCUS Account Summary at www.luc.edu/locus.

For more information please visit the Bursar's website.


Follow the Study Abroad Scholarships link and apply for one of the several scholarships available to all JFRC students during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Visiting students

  • Consult your home institution's study abroad advisor to confirm costs of the JFRC and what aid may apply.

Loyola students

  • Tuition and fees at the JFRC are comparable to, and may cost less than, a semester in Chicago.
  • All federal, state, and Loyola aid will apply (federal work study does not).
  • Office of the Bursar

Exciting Summer choices


  • Choose a five-week option, a four-week fusion experience, or the five-week session followed by a four-week fusion experience
    • 5-week session on campus (Session I: May 15 - June 19, 2020) 
    • 4-week fusion experience (Session I-II: June 20 - July 18, 2020) "Discovering Italy: Food, Wine, and Photography in Rome and Abruzzo"
    • 4-week fusion experience (Session I-II: June 20 - July 18, 2020) "Digging Up Sicily: Hidden Treasures and Lost Cities of the Ancient World"
    • 4-week fusion experience (Session I-II: June 20 - July 18, 2020) "Disegni di Perugia: Learning Italian through Drawing in Rome and Perugia"
  • Day-long excursions are included in the five week session; the four-week experiences are traveling or on-site for more than half of the time.

Still have questions? To learn more about the John Felice Rome Center please contact a JFRC Representative. Also visit the scholarship page to see if you may be eligible for a study abroad scholarship.