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Guest Speaker Dr. Bachrach Gives Talk on Emotional Intelligence

Guest Speaker Dr. Bachrach Gives Talk on Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Estanislao Bachrach, professor of leadership and innovation at Torcuato di Tella University in Buenos Aires, was invited to campus to give a talk on emotional intelligence for art and science students. The entire JFRC community was encouraged to attend, so a full house welcomed this expert on creativity, innovation, and change.

Bachrach, who earned a doctorate in molecular biology and taught at Harvard for several years, later returned to his native Argentina, where he earned an Executive MBA. Currently a professor, consultant, and professional speaker, he has coached renowned business leaders and sports figures, including tennis legend Rafael Nadal.

Bachrach’s talk explained how excess emotion takes more than 90% of our working brain and allows no space for rational thought; that your best ideas come when you are relaxed and least expect them; and that you should make a note of these ideas immediately lest they float away just as easily as they came.

Neuroscience is making great strides in understanding our brains and the evidence shows that everyone can change and improve, with willpower and support. Students came away from the talk with ideas on how to develop their emotional intelligence skill sets. Bachrach explained that emotions should be expressed, that recognizing them with labels helps control them, and that reformulating them can persuade us to abandon our fixed ideas about particular situations. Students appreciated discovering shortcuts in their quests to realize their potential career paths and ways to muster the resilience to overcome adversity.

Bachrach’s book, The Agile Mind: How Your Brain Makes Creativity Happen, has been added to the JFRC’s collection and is already proving popular.