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JFRC Celebrates International Film Week

JFRC Celebrates International Film Week

From November 11-14, the JFRC hosted International Film Week, an entertaining and informative academic event organized by Professor Mariarosy Calleri and supported by Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Vicky Kynourgiopoulou.

International Film Week brought JFRC students, faculty, and staff together to enjoy film screenings followed by a discussion with the filmmakers, who attended the event as special guests. The JFRC community got the opportunity to access new and alternative visions of the world, while getting to know contemporary Italian screenplay writers and directors like Vito Zagarrio, Patrizia Fregonese de Filippo, Tony Villani, and Antonietta de Lillo.

Each evening had a theme to match the film(s) being shown:
-An Encounter between American and Italian Culture with Young Distance (La Donna della Luna)
-Global Perspectives of Women's Stories with short films Happy Today and Waterfolks
-Hybrid Formats and Hybrid Identities in America with short films A Ticket to Hollywood: Europeans in Los Angeles 1925-56 and Susan & Thomas
-Love in Contemporary Italy with the participatory documentary Oggi Insieme Domani Anche

The four evening events fostered community building on campus and introduced local people, intellectuals, artists, and professionals to the JFCR.

The selected films offered the basis for an interesting exchange of ideas, opinions, and points of view among JFRC community members and local guests. Students who attended expanded their knowledge of Italian culture and gained a better understanding of independent ltalian cinema.