Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

JFRC Hunger Week

On Thursday November 10, JFRC students gathered for a cooking class in Rinaldo’s with Orvieto chef, Lorenzo Pollegri. The evening began with a wine and focaccia reception and an introduction to how the food would be prepared. Lorenzo showed the students how to make handmade pasta and tiramisu. He called on volunteers from the crowd to knead the dough, roll the dough, and cut strips of pasta.

Chef Lorenzo Pellegri showing students how to roll pasta.

Meanwhile, students learned to whisk the ingredients to make tiramisu, lay out the cookies dipped in coffee, and decorate with frosting. After an intense preparation session, the students were able to eat the fruits of their labor. Lorenzo prepared the rest of the food and students sat together for a lovely meal.

Bidding on items for the Hunger Week Auction

Students were asked for a donation in order to attend the class, and all proceeds went to benefit the community of Sant’Egidio and Jesuit Refugee Services. The event raised more than 500 euro for charity.