Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

Karoke Night

A tradition each semester at the Rome Center is Karaoke night in Rinaldo and Nella's Cafe.  This fall students began arriving in Rinaldo’s at 9 pm and the party continued until 11:30 pm.  The evening contributed to the continued growth of the JFRC community.  Students who had never talked to each other found themselves onstage together, singing one of their favorite songs.  Those not onstage sang along and danced with one another.  The positive energy of the event allowed for students to break out of their shells, and after performing a song they were encouraged by the cheers of their classmates. 

There was pizza from Da Tullio’s, a local pizzeria al taglio, and a favorite among JFRC students.



Another improvement of this Karaoke Night over its predecessors was a technological one.  At the suggestion of a student, we used Youtube instead of the outdated karaoke program on the computer in Rinaldo’s.  A karaoke version of almost any song can found on Youtube, and the sound quality was much better than that of the computer program. 

Well over a hundred students participated in the event, and at least twenty remained afterwards to help the SLAs clean up.  Thanks to their help Rinaldo’s was restored to its normal state in just a few minutes.