Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

Clean Up Baulduina


On Saturday, March 31st the John Felice Rome Center had its third Monte Mario – Balduina Clean-Up initiative.  This semester, they had the largest turnout yet, with thirty-four student and faculty participants.  The group donned their JFRC gear and started out bright and early for the Monte Mario Nature Reserve.  The goal was to clear the beautiful and famous pilgrimage path (Via Francigena) that runs through the reserve and led to the Vatican during medieval times.


The JFRC teamed up with volunteers from Noi per Roma (led by Isabella Rauti, the mayor of Rome’s wife), a coalition of community associations including Casali di Santo Spirito (led by Arch. Sergio Burkhart) and Roma Natura (led by Commissario Livio Proietti).  All joined forces to assist Rome’s waste company AMA to collect and dispose of fallen tree branches and brush caused by the earlier snowstorms in February.


The collaboration between local Italians and the JFRC community not only helped to clean the park and allow it to re-open to the public after the long winter, but also brought the neighborhood together.  After all the hard work of dragging and hauling was over, everyone joined together for a BBQ at the historic Villa Mazzanti, where Roma Natura is headquartered, to relax and enjoy the beautiful day.