Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

Karaoke Night

Domenick Ferrera (Fordham), Thomas Gargan (Fordham), Tyler Melby (SLU), Mario Ayala (LUC)

After two weekends filled with snow fall, the students at the John Felice Rome Center gathered to participate in the tradition of Karaoke night in Rinaldo’s Café.

Group singing

The event started at 9:30 PM and lasted until 1:00 AM, with singing continuing after the microphones were turned off and the lights were turned back on.

 Jonathon Lo (LUC) and Nicholas Hadjokas (LUC) sing while JFRC students dance.

An aperativo with wine and snacks was offered to the students, giving the evening an Italian aspect. There were duets and groups of ten, singing songs from The Beatles to Adele.

Kathleen O’Connor (Holy Cross), Alexandra Krasowski (Holy Cross), Marcus Barrett (Holy Cross), and Brigit Quirk (Holy Cross) sing a tribute to the Jackson 5.

The students, having danced and sang all night, insisted on having another karaoke night soon.

Cherrell Evans (LUC), Ilyse Liffreing (USF), Rachel Beazley (Lebanon Valley College), N’Jameh Camara (LUC), and Angelia Rivera (LUC) singing Lady marmalade.