Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

Social Justice Speech

On Thursday, March 22nd, the John Felice Rome Center was honored to have esteemed guest Fr. Robert John Araujo S.J. come and address both the students and faculty on Social Justice.

Fr. Araujo S.J. giving his lecture on Social Justice.JPG

His lecture titled, “The Nature of Social Justice” focused on his extensive work in the field and offered suggestions on how to better achieve Social Justice as a society.  After the lecture, Fr. Araujo S.J opened the floor for questions and discussion, and there was no shortage of either. 

Director of the Rome Center Emilio Iodice, Academic Dean Susana Cavallo, and Fr. Araujo S.J. after the lecture..JPG

Needless to say, for many, the lecture was both eye-opening and enlightening.  Afterwards, everyone was able to discuss what they had learned over refreshments.  

Students and Faculty enjoying the reception after Fr. Araujo's S.J speech on the Nature of Social Justice..JPG