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John Felice Rome Center

Fall 2013 Orientation

Fall 2013 Orientation Schedule

Each year, and each semester, we begin a new and exciting series of events and trips with a new group of students who come from all over the US. Much of those first days together involves giving you necessary information, settling you into your accommodations, introducing you to one another, the staff, the city and to Italy. From arrival day August 28th to September 11th, there are activities and group meetings scheduled, most of which are required or highly suggested. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to explore the city and travel in Italy and Europe. Your first two weeks, however, will be occupied with a program of orientation.

We will be ready to welcome you on Wednesday, August 28 starting at 10:00AM. If you plan on arriving in Rome prior to August 28  you may want to consider some of the lower cost hotels listed in the accommodation section of the John Felice Rome Center web page. Let us know you’ve arrived so we can anticipate your coming to JFRC when doors are ready to open.

You will probably want to have about 200 Euros cash in hand for a variety of activities. It may be easiest to exchange Euros at the Airport when you arrive. Because of all the Orientation week activities, you may find you are cash-strapped, and bank machines for Euro currency are not always nearby. 

During these first days, there will be two optional Orientation meals which are partially paid for by the John Felice Rome Center and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. The first of these are group dinners hosted at a local restaurant in the  neighborhood (students pay €25 for the dinner). And, the closing session of Fall Orientation is celebrated with the Mass of the Holy Spirit which includes a meal in the historic district of Rome (which will cost participants €20). Though these meals are optional, students are strongly encouraged to join the JFRC community for a taste of Italian life. Students will be given an opportunity, during orientation, to register for one or both of these meals. Space is limited.