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John Felice Rome Center

Ultimate Umbria: Fall 2013 Orientation Trip

As has become a time-honored adventure, faculty, staff, and students traveled together over a long-weekend to inaugurate the Rome Center Class of Fall 2013.

This year the JFRC community traveled through five spectacular Umbrian towns September 6-8: Deruta, Perugia, Spoleto, Bevagna, and Spello. After an early morning departure from Rome, Deruta offered students and staff a glimpse into traditional ceramics. The afternoon brought a short excursion into Perugia, just long enough to taste some of its famous cioccolato! The gang then made its way to Spoleto to the hotel, the fabulous Welcome Ceremony, and dinner.

The second day the JFRC community split into smaller groups and watched medieval artisans at work in their shops in Bevagna. Another group went through the historic center of Spoleto. They saw spectacular churches, such as the Duomo dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta.

The last day of the trip the group spent exploring the picturesque town of Spello, famous for its contest for the most beautiful flowers. The flowers were still very much on display, and the whole town smelled sweetly of fresh, floral life. After a magnificent lunch at an small olive grove, everyone boarded the buses for Rome. Students gather for a shot just outside the entrance to the centro storico of Perugia