Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

Medication Abroad


If you take prescription drugs, take note of the strength of each dosage and chemical composition. European medicines are sometimes calibrated differently than medicines in the US. Medications cannot be shipped into Italy. PLEASE plan ahead with your doctors to assure you have the appropriate amount of medicine for the semester.

Psychotherapeutic Medications

Psychotherapeutic medicine prescribed in the US may not be allowed in Italy because they are considered controlled substances. Students found with such medicine or with more than the daily-prescribed dosage could be asked to leave the country. To avoid this, students in need of psychotherapeutic medicine should check with their doctor if they can take certain medicine into Italy or other European countries they will visit. If the medicine is not allowed and the students cannot substitute it with one allowed in Italy, students should request that their doctor write a certificate specifying the reasons why they are taking that medicine, the dosage required for the length of their stay, and why they are traveling into the country with a certain amount. Psychotherapeutic medicine cannot be shipped to Italy.

*It is important to continue to take medications as advised by your health care provider upon arrival to Rome.*