Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

Checklist for Check-Out

Rather than being overwhelmed your final few days, we hope that this checklist will help keep you on track throughout the check-out process. 

Day 1

  • Start packing and figuring out what you want to donate (clothing, toiletries, etc.)
  • Sign up for a check-out appointment (on your SLA’s door).
  • Make sure you have transportation to the airport via private car or the group bus.
    • The porter will NOT call a taxi for you on the morning of departure

Day 2-3

  • Clean your room before your check-out time to ensure a smooth process.
  • Be there for your check-out time!
    • Your keys will be tested at this time.
  • Donate as you can at the stations in the infirmary wing – prevent giant piles from forming on the last day!
  • Sell back your books! Check outside of the bookstore for sell-back hours.

Day 4

  • Check your mailbox one last time!
  • Take out your trash/recycling (remember to recycle properly!).
  • Empty your refrigerator.

Day 5

  • Strip your beds, leave sheets and blankets folded on the beds.
  • Look around for the last time and make sure you haven’t left anything and all objects are removed.
  • You must be out of the residence hall by 10:00AM!