Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

Move-Out Information

 Below you will find helpful information regarding the move-out process at the end of each semester. In addition to the information described below, on the left side you will find a Checklist for Check-Out that will further assist you and your final days at the JFRC. 

  • Room Check-Outs
    • Students must sign up for a time when their floor’s SLA will check the current room condition. Sign-ups will be posted in your SLA’s hallway
    • Damages not reported in the beginning-of-semester room condition form will result in fines
  • Keys
    • Students must turn in their keys at their check-out appointment or through express check out
    • There is a €35 fine for missing or non-functioning keys
    • Roommates must collaborate when deciding on when to turn in keys – lock-outs will be fined, like always.
  • Donations
    • Anything you wish to donate must be clean, folded, and placed in a plastic bag, then put in the clothing donation bins in the infirmary wing.
    • Toiletries, laundry materials, school supplies, shoes, and miscellaneous items may be donated at the stations set up in the infirmary wing.
    • Donated books may be put on the shelf by the bookstore
  • Transportation
    • €10 for the group bus and sign-up in the business office
    • Plan how you get to the airport ahead of time – communication will be sent regarding planning
  •  Books
    • Can be sold back at the bookstore during times posted
  • Luggage storage
    • Please indicate in the close-out departure log that you want to use this service
  • You must vacate the residence hall by the designated date and time or you will be fined for an improper check-out.