Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center


Dean of Rome Student Life

Dr. Michael Beazley

Dr. Michael Beazley is a Pennsylvania native whose longstanding relationship with the JFRC and Rome, has brought about a profound love for the JFRC and Rome, and many things Roman. Through friendships developed via the JFRC, Michael met his wife, whose parents turned out to be JFRC alumni. He and his wife have two beautiful daughters, whom you will see from time-to-time around campus. Michael studied Music and Theology before pursuing a M.S.Ed. in Higher Education Management at University of Pennsylvania, and a Ph.D. in Higher Education at Loyola University Chicago. Email: mbeazl1@luc.edu

Student Life Assistants 2017-2018

The Student Life Assistants (SLAs) are professional live on staff members at the JFRC. They work in tandem with the Dean of Rome Student Life to uphold the Community Standards and create a healthy and happy living environment for all students. They can be reached via email at: romesla@luc.edu.

Ms. Aleksandra Wysocki

Aleksandra Wysocki, preferably known by her Polish nickname, Ola, hails from Chicago, IL. A recent grad of Loyola University Chicago with degrees in Communication and International Studies and a minor in Italian, Ola spent an entire academic year at the JFRC as a junior. She interned at an independent film company, was an English tutor in the Balduina neighborhood, and worked at the JFRC as the Student Office Assistant. Ola enjoys photography, cinema and music and you'll most likely find her singing at a piano or with a guitar. Ola loves exploring neighborhoods of Rome, supplì, gelato from Giolitti, and most of all: going out for aperitivo. Don't be afraid to join her for one!

Ms. Vanessa Spilotro


Vanessa Spilotro is from Addison, IL, a suburb of Chicago. As a recent graduate of Loyola University Chicago, she earned dual degrees in International Studies and Psychology and a minor in Rome Studies. Vanessa studied abroad at the JFRC her sophomore year (Spring 2015) and enjoyed her experience so much that she returned to Rome in the summer of 2016 for an internship. Learning about the Italian culture and language is Vanessa’s passion, and it is deeply integrated into her personal and professional life. She believes that Rome will always be her second home. 

Ms. Dominique Liuzzo

Dominique is a 2016 graduate of the University of Scranton, with a double major in History and Political Science, a minor in Art History and a concentration in Italian and International Studies. She is from the green fields of Greenfield Township, Pennsylvania. A year before becoming an SLA, Dominique co-owned and operated a hot dog and fry restaurant called The Dic-Tater with her best friend. She loves being outdoors, posting pictures of her puppy Aldo, and eating melanzane. You will most likely find her in the courtyard waiting for the olives to ripen.

Ms. Judith Kyrkos

Judy Kyrkos graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a B.S. in Anthropology and a minor in Biology. Judy's parents are both flight attendants, which sparked her passion for traveling at an early age. She loves the excitement and challenge that comes with exploring a new city. Originally from Cincinnati, Skyline Chili is close to her heart, but she believes cacio e pepe and mozarella di bufula will fill the void during her time as a Student Life Assistant. Judy is passionate about cappuccini and aperitivi, so she hopes you will join her for one or both during your time in Rome!

Ms. Gabriella Barajas


Gabby Barajas comes from the lovely town of Cedar Lake, Indiana. She graduated from Loyola University Chicago with majors in Political Science and International Studies and a minor in Italian. Gabby even managed to graduate university in three years while studying abroad twice! She is fluent in Spanish and hopes to soon be fluent in Italian as well. However, do not go near Gabby if you are a fan of onions. She refuses to eat them, especially if they are raw!