Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

Calcio League

Starting in 2003 as a weekly pick-up game between students and JFRC staff members, calcio (the American sport of soccer) has now evolved into a longstanding and dynamic tradition at the John Felice Rome Center. Originally a small league of about forty participants, the JFRC Calcio League now plays strong with an average of one hundred and fifty players per season. Players’ skills range from never having kicked a ball, having played when they were younger or in high school, to playing club for their university. 

The tradition is simple: Wednesday night, play for fun, and enjoy a community meal afterwards. Organized into ten different teams, players are randomly assigned to a team based on their skill. Each team is averaged out to an equivalent skill level and plays one another throughout the season. A strong sense of community is built on each team through positive sportsmanship! Dedicated to the league, students grow to shape their plans around Wednesday night Calcio. Looking forward to many seasons to come, get excited for the JFRC Calcio League!

Cost: 40€ includes field costs and team jersey