Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

Student Activities Committee

The main purpose of the Student Activities Committee (SAC) is twofold: to program for the community from a student perspective and to be a voice between students and the administration.

Throughout the semester, SAC plans and organizes successful events for students to build community during their time at the JFRC. The SAC Meetings are held weekly and open to all students. Two Student Life Assistant advisors provide administrative help with implementing programs and facilitating communication with the administration. SAC seeks to leave a long-lasting impression on both current and future JFRC students.

Karaoke Night

Each semester, SAC hosts a campus-wide karaoke night. Students can request songs of their choice ranging from popular hits, to 80s throwbacks. Students enjoy seeing their favorite Student Life Assistants make karaoke debuts and munching on snacks provided by Rinaldo’s bar. Karaoke has been a great community builder here at the JFRC—students get to know each other better through this fun and hilarious event. 

Silent Auction

Every semester, SAC hosts a Silent Auction. All the proceeds from the auction are donated to a charity of choice. In past years, the money raised has been donated to the Jesuit Refugee Service, an organization that accompanies, serves and advocates for the rights of refugees, and it has also been given to help the victims of the recent earthquakes. Both students and staff are able to donate goods and services to auction off. Items range from aperitivo with specific Student Life Assistants, baked goods, to tours of the Vatican gardens.  Students often auction off editing each other’s papers or going out for gelato! In the past, students have raised and donated over 500 euro each semester.

Student Forum

Once a semester student leaders emerge on campus to lead the Student Forum. The purpose of the Student Forum is to give the general student body an opportunity to have a voice about campus happenings.  Topics that are discussed range in variety depending on the semester where the main outcome is giving the students a platform to inspire positive changes and bring to the forefront what is done well already. 

Halloween Party

Every fall, the JFRC celebrates Halloween by having a costume party. This is one of the oldest and most loved JFRC traditions. Students dance the night away while snacking on treats delicious Italian sweets. The costume contest is a crowd favorite, especially because students have limited wardrobe options.  This is a real treat for fall students, as they are the only semester that gets to participate in this long-standing tradition. 

End of Semester Banquet

At the close of every semester, the entire JFRC community, faculty, staff and students, join together for an end of semester semi-formal banquet at one of Rome’s top restaurants. Together, they celebrate the end of a successful semester. Faculty members award specific students for their outstanding academic performances, while students nominate each other for superlatives like Class Clown, Best Laugh or Most JFRC Spirit. The banquet also provides students a time to reflect on their experiences and reminisce on the memories they have created.