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How to register for a Study Trip

The John Felice Rome Center offers educational travel excursions each semester and during summer sessions. Trips vary in length, ranging from one day to as many as ten days. Each excursion is accompanied by a faculty and/ or staff member with expertise in the area of sites visited. The itineraries are prepared with both academic and cultural interests in mind.

  • Sign-up for all study trips will take place in Rome during orientation at the JFRC.

  • Due to limited space, trips will be decided on a first-come, first-served basis. Students can sign up for Study Trips during orientation. At that time, students may sign up for ONE study trip. Depending on availability, students may be given the opportunity to sign up for additional trips at a later time. More details on how to register for the Study Trips will be provided during orientation in Rome.

  • Students pay for all Study Trips in the JFRC Business Office. Credit cards are accepted. 

  • Please note: fall semester Study Trips will differ from the spring Study Trip offerings.

Spring 2019 Study Trips



9 February, 2019



An enchanting day trip from Rome, Tivoli is well worth your time. Tivoli enjoys a cooler climate and has been a resort town for Rome’s elite for centuries. The main attractions in Tivoli are its historical villas and parks. Each one is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers its own unique glimpse of history. Nestled atop a terraced hillside in Tivoli, Villa D’Este is most famous for its magnificent fountains, waterfalls and beautifully maintained gardens.

Estimated Cost: €50-60



15-17 February, 2019

Students on the Spring 2018 Malta Trip.

This idea of being in search of life is foreign to many. As a university community, people become accustomed to going through their daily lives. Despite moving to a different country, students live in a privileged state in which they are able to choose their homes. Students sometimes fail to recognize that their expectations reflect their comforts. Students will have sobering, first-hand access to the refugee experience in Malta, while also taking in one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful islands. “The Most Humble City of Valletta,” as its capital is formally known, boasts baroque palaces, gardens, and churches, earning the nickname “Superbissima,” meaning, “most proud”. Throughout the weekend, students will gain insight into the refugee influx by visiting Jesuit Refugee Services sites, meeting UNHCR representatives, and sharing in the daily lives of Valletta’s refugees, while also getting time to explore the beautiful city.‌

Estimated Cost: €400



22-24 February, 2019

Students on the 2018 Sicily trip in Agrigento

Starting in Palermo, this trip leads students to the cathedral and cloister of Monreale, the ruins of Selinunte and to the beautiful seaside down of Agrigento. Led by professor Dr. Sander Evers, students have the opportunity to learn all about the Valley of the Temples and the mosaics of Villa Romana. The in the evenings students unwind with unforgettable dinners in the picturesque town of Taormina. Students will learn about the ancient Greco-Roman theatre and view the majestic Mt. Etna. Sicily captures the hearts of all students, with its beautiful and varied geography, amazing food, and magic.

Estimated Cost: €275 Includes ground transportation once in Sicily, lodging, meals, entrance fees and tour services. Does not include transportation to and from Sicily. (MAX of 40 students)



8-14 March, Spring 2019 Break Trip

Students in Bosnia during the 2018 spring Balkans study trip.

The past century in the Balkans has been characterized by both conflict and growth. This trip focuses on the Bosnian & Serbian war following the split of Yugoslavia. Time during this trip is spent between Serbia and Bosnia, visiting the capitals and smaller towns throughout each country. Joined by local guides from both Belgrade and Sarajevo, students are given two diverse local perspectives. This is not an average Spring Break. This trip gives students the opportunity to visit and learn about two countries with intense and deep history. Bosnia and Serbia are hidden gems amidst countries that are saturated by tourists.

Estimated Cost: €750 Includes one-way flight, transportation throughout the trip, most meals, tours and guides, & lodging. (MAX of 17 students)


Spain of Ignatius

8-17 March, Spring 2019 Break Trip

Park Guell

Our new spring break study trip will take students throughout the stunning country of Spain, with a special focus on the story of Loyola University Chicago's namesake and founder of the Jesuit order, St. Ignatius of Loyola. Starting the week in the capital, Madrid, the group will follow Ignatius' footsteps in Salamanca and Loyola, ending in the vibrant and lively city of Barcelona. 

Estimated Cost: €1200-1300 Ground transportation throughout the trip, most meals, tours and guides, & lodging.


Italian Invasion and Roman Resistance in World War II

23-24 March, 2019

Learn about the role of Rome and Italy in World War II history. Designed by two distinguished JFRC alumni – the late historian, Phil O’Connor, PhD., and former West Point instructor Jim Centner, students will visit several historically significant World War II sites in Italy. These two day-long trips include visits to Anzio and Nettuno, and areas of Rome not seen by the average tourist. During the visits to Anzio and Nettuno, students will see the US Military Cemetery and understand what young American men and women did during the Italian invasion. In Rome, students will hear about the Roman resistance, visiting the site of an attack against Nazis at Via Rasella. Other visits include the former Gestapo Headquarters and the Fosse Ardeatine – caves just outside the city where 335 Roman civilians were executed by the Nazis as a reprisal for the Partisan attacks on Via Rasella. Click here to read the 12th Edition WWII Guide by Phil O'Connor

Estimated Cost: €25 per day Includes all transportation, lunch, entrance fees and tour services. (MAX of 47 students)


The Beauty of Bavaria

April 2019

Explore Germany’s southernmost region with our new study trip! Using Munich as a home-base, students will discover German history at Neuschwanstein Castle, have the opportunity to learn from and share with family members of the survivors of the Dachau concentration camp, and visit UNESCO heritage church “Wieskirche.” No trip to Bavaria would be complete without a hike through the stunning German Alps and loads of delicious Bavarian food and drink.  


Assisi Pilgrimage 

5-6 April, 2019

Once a semester, the JFRC community loads onto a bus, and heads up to Assisi for a day of prayer, reflection, and a look into the lives of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi. The pilgrimage takes students through the Basilica of St. Francis, where they are given an opportunity to visit and pray at his grave. From there, they have the opportunity to visit the San Damiano Cross, and visit St. Clare’s childhood home. The pilgrimage ends at Santa Maria Degli Angeli, which houses the Porziuncola, the humble chapel that marks the beginning of the Franciscan order. 

Estimated Cost: €80

*Prices are subject to change and will be confirmed at orientation. If the minimum number of students is not reached for a trip, the JFRC reserves the right to cancel the trip.

Financial Assistance

  • Students in need of financial assistance in order to participate in certain group travel opportunities may be invited by the Dean for Rome Student Life to apply for a Forza Roma scholarship, funds generously contributed for this purpose by JFRC Alumni. Students may contact Dr. Michael Beazley, Dean for Rome Student Life, for details: mbeazl1@luc.edu