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Classical Greece


Greece Fall Break

October 4th-13th: SLA Russell Gonzalez led by Profs. Alexander Evers and Susana Cavallo

Students enjoying the beauty of Delphi

On October 4, 2013, SLA Russell Gonzalez, Prof. Sander Evers, and 56 students departed for ten days in the land chosen by the gods—Greece. What followed was a feast, both gastronomic and intellectual, that left everybody satisfied.

After arriving in Athens, the group’s guide—the indefatigable Prof. Ioanna Kopsiafti—whisked them away for a seafood lunch and a tour of the coastal temple to Poseidon. The rest of the day and the day following were dedicated to the city of Athens proper, the center of the Western cultural tradition in Antiquity. The Parthenon was a highlight for everybody.

After Athens, the tour of Greece continued to the mountain village of Arahova, minutes from the Apollonian temple at Delphi and with a view of the largest olive grove in the world. Students got a taste of rustic Greek life in the mountains with all the accommodations of a ski village. The group had an amazing dinner at one of our guide’s regular haunts. Homecooking and a good time were on the menu that night! Everybody left Arahova with a rested and adventurous spirit.

Next the group stopped at the remote Orthodox monastery of Osios Lucas, where the abbot personally greeted the merry band of travelers. The destination was Nafplio, a charming resort town for Greeks. Nafplio served as homebase while the group explored Mycenae, Sparta and Prof. Kopsiafti’s village, Karyes. Karyes delighted all the students with the local wine, cheese, and delicious honey donuts.

The final destination of the voyage was the beach island of Mykonos. Mykonos was the perfect last hurrah! for students and staff alike. The day-trip to Delos and the world-class beaches offered the perfect mix of learning and leisure. From Mykonos, our far-flung travelers return home to Rome, dinner mensa, and much-needed sleep.