Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

Weekend Plan Log

One of our goals in Student Life is to communicate expectations and information that will offer a safe and secure experience while you are studying in Rome.  Each week we ask that all students at the John Felice Rome Center to notify Student Life staff of their weekend plans by completing the information requested in the online Weekend Plan Log that can be found in their JFRC Newsletter.

Again, the rationale for complying with this request:

1.  Provides information for the JFRC staff to communicate with our students who are traveling in the event that emergencies such as the Madrid train bombing of March 2004 or the London subway bombings of July 2005 may impact their travel plans and/or ways of returning to JFRC.

2.  Provides our food services staff (Mensa and Rinaldo’s Café) with an accurate number of meals to prepare during the week.